Top 10 most popular Valorant streamers

While Valorant might not be as much of a big deal as it was during the closed beta, on Twitch it still gets a large amount of viewership. After its official announcement, it has consistently maintained a position on the top 10 list of most-viewed esports. The main drivers behind the fame that Valorant enjoys today are streamers and Internet celebrities. 

While the most popular streamers vary depending upon the interest of that particular streamer in Valorant from Riot Games. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular Valorant streamers, along with their stream schedule and links to social networks, if you wish to tune in.

Top 10 most popular and viewed valorant streamers on Twitch

1. Ninja (16M followers)

Video from Ninja

Tyler «Ninja» Blevins, a video game streaming legend, has been recently streaming a lot of Valorant. Blevins began streaming in a number of competitive Halo 3 sports teams and gradually gained attention when he started playing Fortnite Battle Royale by the end of 2017. In March 2018, Blevins amassed a plethora of followers as he played Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster on stream, destroying Twitch’s highest viewership record.

Before retiring his Twitch profile in a switch to Mixer, an ex-streaming platform now part of Facebook Gaming, in August 2019, Blevins had over 16 million followers. However, even after his return to twitch he remains the most-followed active Twitch channel as of November 2020.

2. wtcN (2M Followers):

Video from wtcN

Ferit «wtcN» Karakaya is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously substitute mid laner for Dark Passage. He has become a full-time streamer on twitch, and plays several games on the stream since he departed from competitive LoL. He tends to stream Valorant from Riot Games for the majority of his stream schedule.

3. Yassuo (1.9M Followers):

Video from Yassuo

Yassuo is a full-time twitch streamer with a reputation in League of Legends. In season 4 of the franchise, he began to play League of Legends. Since February 2017, he has been streaming full time. On Twitch, he has over 1.9 million followers, while also uploading content on to his YouTube channel where he has more than 1.5 million viewers in its much bigger fan base. While primarily being a LoL streamer and a competitive player, he has made a switch to Valorant in a journey to attain the Radiant rank. He is also part of the esteemed esports organizations 100 Thieves led by popular streaming personality Nadeshot.

4. Hiko (1.1M Followers):

Video from Cypher I Valorant

Stream Schedule: Sunday-Friday: 8:30am — 3pm EST

He was a Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike player.  He soared to fame when, with the former Area51 Gaming lineup, his squad placed third in the first significant CS: GO tournament at ESWC 2012. He’s best known for his ability to lurk, play solo sites, and clutch. On 4th June 2020, he resigned from CS: GO to concentrate on VALORANT.

With his target, Hiko is as strong in Valorant as he was in CS: GO, and some of his fans might even go out a bit further and claim he’s a lot better now. With that said in the Valorant Ignition series tournaments, the 100 Thieves star has been performing pretty well. His consistent results have resulted in Hiko being one of the most famous Twitch Valorant streamers.

Here you can read our article about 100 Thieves’ Hiko’s personal agent tier list.

5. ScreaM (1.1M Followers):

Video from TeamGetfight — CS:GO & PUBG

Adil ‘ScreaM‘ Benrlitom is a retired Belgian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and former professional Counter-Strike: Source player of Moroccan origin. ScreaM has played in many top French and European teams throughout the course of his career, including VeryGames, Titan, Epsilon eSports, G2 Esports, and Team Envy. He retired to seek a career with VALORANT on August 7, 2020.

He played with Prodigy, one of the top teams in Europe, in Valorant’s Beta, transitioning from a Counter-Strike legend to a Valorant professional. He currently plays in the Team Liquid roster and placed 3rd in the BLAST Twitch Invitational. 

6. Hastad (900K Followers):

Video from MEZY — Valorant Moments Daily

One of the most popular Portuguese streamers, Hastad plays Valorant as a Raze main. He is part of team Tiobarão, which is widely known in the Brazilian region.

7. ONSCREEN (900K Followers):

Video from Hi im a Valorant

Craig «onscreen» Shannon is a retired British Counter-Strike professional: Global Offensive player formerly known in the early days of Counter-Strike for his LAN appearances at CPL and Electronic Sports World Cup tournaments, including 2005 CPL UK, as well as appearing in a few of the later iterations of 4Kings lineups. He turned to Valorant streaming as well as leading teams in the tournaments that took place earlier this year.

8. JasonR (876K Followers):

Video from MEZY — Valorant Moments Daily

Stream Schedule: 8 AM to 5PM CT (Usually) 

Jason Ruchelski is a Canadian player who has played for the FaZe Clan before. He is a talented Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has now retired and has switched to streaming Valorant on a full-time basis. 

9. N0thing (650K Followers):

Video from
MEZY — Valorant Moments Daily

After being inactive for a long period, n0thing has returned to streaming on Twitch with Valorant being amongst his most played games. His CSGO skills have been translated to Valorant complimenting his participation in Valorant tournaments, alongside Hiko and T1 players. Jordan Gilbert was an American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.

He previously played as a rifler/lurker for Cloud9, before going inactive. If you want play as a lurker too, watch our article about lurker role in Valorant with top tactics:

n0thing is one of the most experienced North American players. Since then, he has grown into a major figure in the CS: GO scene. In fact, his large following has garnered him popularity that has allowed him to gain exposure outside of the CS: GO scene, even appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

10. Skadoodle (621K Followers):

Video from Skadoodle

Tyler «Skadoodle» Latham is an American streamer for Valorant who currently plays for T1 professionally. In Alliance of Valiant Arms, where he played with DefkoN in particular, he has a competitive history stretching back to 2010. He also has a career in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which he started playing in 2012. Most prominently, Skadoodle played for iBUYPOWER and Cloud9, where he became one of the first North American players to win the CS:GO Major Championship, winning the 2018 ELEAGUE Major: Boston.

Hope this list of the top 10 most popular Valorant streamers, along with their stream schedule and links to social networks will help you to tune in. All of them create really impressive content and we can learn a lot from them!

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