100 Thieves’ Hiko’s personal agent tier list for pro-level and high-tier play

A professional Valorant player for 100 Thieves has shared his agent tier list for pro-level and high-tier play.

The information in this article about agent tier list will hopefully be useful for high-level players. Please note that if you are new to Valorant, this information will most likely not be beneficial to you, especially if you haven’t unlocked all the agents.

In our guide for new Valorant players, we explain how to view agents in Valorant, which agents are free at the start of the game, and those you have to unlock. So make sure you check it out.

Virtually every new patch released by Riot Games includes changes to the agents tier list. Hiko, a professional Valorant player and the team captain of 100 Thieves, recently shared his Valorant agent tier list for pro-level and high-level play after the release of Patch 1.08. He posted a picture on Twitter with the agent’s tier list and later released a Youtube video with a detailed explanation. So, let’s take a closer look at his tier list for pro-level and high-tier play.



He said that he doesn’t think Viper is terrible. Moreover, the last few patches did buff Viper, which has made her a little bit better. However, teams still aren’t playing with her. There are a lot of memes among the players about Viper and the fact that she is actually very weak.

Guys, what do you think about this? Could Viper be a strong agent in the right hands? Comment below.



According to Hiko, no one picked Sage in the last round of tournaments, as she was really nerfed in Patch 1.07. But he doesn’t think she is completely useless.

There are also many memes among the players about her.


Likewise, Hiko doesn’t think Rayna is any good and claims she’s the worst duelist. Other duelists have better abilities than Reyna, and while some players use her, Hiko maintains that she’s not much good at dueling. Many players think she’s good for solo carries or queue games.



We’ve seen Brimstone kind of fall out of the meta and very few teams are playing with him. Currently, the majority of the teams are playing with Omen. Hiko doesn’t think Brimstone is that bad, but pro players don’t feel this agent really has a place in this meta.


Hiko believes Killjoy has a place as a sentinel. She’s better than C Tier just because of her turret, which is really overpowered at the pistol round.


He considered placing her a little higher on his agent tier list because after Patch 1.08 she was buff.



Hiko noted that a lot of teams are playing with Phoenix because he’s really good currently. This agent is a perfect duelist and very useful to teams. He has flashes and a wall that can be used as smoke. Moreover, his ultimate is insane.


He firmly believes that Breach is super overpowered right now. He has three flashes that last the entire game.


Hiko suspects some players may disagree with this spot for Sova. Since Sova is effective on all the maps, except Split, this is reason enough to place him under the S-tier.



Hiko is sure that most teams pick Cypher on every map. All his abilities are super cool for team play or solo queue games. With this agent, you can play aggressively and dominate the entire game.


Hiko claims that Omen is better than Brimstone in all situations, especially in this meta. His abilities are cheap and powerful, and you even get smokes for free. Cypher and Omen are guaranteed to be picked for 99% of all games because of their abilities. They can both be used to obtain information about their opponents.


Yes, Jett is boss here! In conclusion, Hiko explained that Jett can use her abilities in a hyper aggressive way. He thinks Jett’s ultimate is really powerful and that she’s one of the best duelists in this meta. He doesn’t believe she’s very strong on her own, and her abilities aren’t the best. However, she is super mobile, especially with her ultimate, which can be lethal when combined with abilities.

So what do you think of Hiko’s agent list? We hope you found this article useful and that it will make your Valorant games more enjoyable!

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