Valorant Boosting service: 3 Reasons why you shouldn’t use it

It’s time to talk about the topic of «Valorant boosting«. So, without getting lost in a jungle of details, boosting is a «tool» that allows players to improve their ranks without any involvement on their part. At the moment Valorant boosting is VERY relevant as a huge number of people are buying the service on different websites, without first having considered all the possible consequences. I’ll be telling you more about it in this article. ↓↓↓

Where did boosting come from?

The first boosters started to appear in the good old days of Dota 2 (released in 2013). There were wagonloads of newcomers who wanted to get their hands on a precious high rank. For personal reasons, some wanted to show off to their friends or for self-assertion and to boost their egos, while others wanted to try their hand at the higher ranks (and soon returned to their well-deserved low ranks). Cough cough….

So, who are boosters?

Boosters are people who are paid for their time to raise your rank (often these are ranks, or in the case of League of Legends, raise your LP). As a rule, these are people who play at a high level and have a deep understanding of the game.

Valorant boosting, who are boosters?

Who uses a boosting service?

Players who are not skilled enough or cannot devote a lot of time to a game for personal reasons usually pay for Valorant boosting services. These are low-ranked players who try to play at higher ranks but end up failing. Typically, due to their low level of play, it’s just a matter of time before they lose their nerve in the «experiment» of playing with the pros, and they simply revert to their low ranks. But in the process, they have lost money, time, and faith in themselves, and perhaps they will leave the game forever…

3 reasons why you shouldn’t use a Valorant boosting service

The first reason

The first reason is that by paying for a boosting service, you will at the very least be «ruining» the game for low-ranked players. The chances are that many players at the lower ranks have had this problem: you are trying your best in a match, but there is a booster «working» in the enemy’s team, and that’s it… He starts to single-handedly destroy your team, and you are slowly turning gray from a sense of despair. After all, there’s no way you can win a duel with the booster, and after such a thrashing, you are more likely to go on tilt.

The second reason

The second reason is you will most likely be cheated because there is NO guarantee that the person you ordered the boost from won’t just get you blacklisted.

The third reason

And finally, the third reason is that you will NOT be able to play at high ranks because your skills will not have improved with your boosted rank. Consequently, you won’t be able to play normally (like at the lower ranks) and enjoy the game. This, in turn, can push you to tilt or even leave the game for a while. The end result is that you’ll still «merge» your rank to a low one.

Valorant Boosting service

So, now you know about valorant boosting problem. As a player with the Immortal rank, I strongly advise against using a booster service. After all, you won’t get the expected outcome, and you’ll just be throwing your money away. Basically, paying for a booster service has almost no advantages.

Play fair and respect your opponents 🙂

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Zak Shnider Дек 28, 2020

I don’t understand why to use the boost. You won’t play better if you get your «platinum» account. hehe….