Aim Training | How to Improve Your Aim in Valorant | An interview with a Radiant player

Hello, friend! Today we will be talking about a very important aspect of all competitive shooters — aiming. This is the ability to quickly and accurately aim at a target. In this article, we will focus on how to improve your aim through some tips, practice, and training.

If you’ve ever set yourself the goal of learning to shoot well, then you’ve probably watched videos or read guides on aiming. Truthfully, there’s a huge number of these types of guides online, so, in order not to waste our time, in this article I’ll only be touching on the important and rarely discussed points regarding shooting.

Aiming versus other skills

Valorant Improve your aim | Crosshair Placement Guide

What percentage does your shooting skill represent in comparison to all other skills that determine your overall expertise? What percentage does aiming make up? 80-20? 60-40? 50-50?

The exact answer is very difficult to calculate, especially since it will be different for each shooter. For example, in Valorant, you can score frags using skills that are not dependent on a player’s aim.

But, purely subjectively, I would say 50%. You’ll probably agree, it’s a lot. The remaining 50% is everything else: understanding timing, map features, agents’ abilities, etc. 50% for aiming is about right because if you can’t shoot competently, you’ll struggle to achieve success. And without the ability to shoot well, understanding everything else in the game will not help you much.

As a result, we can conclude that aiming is a fundamental factor in shooters. It is an individual skill that can and should be practiced.

❗Valorant aiming mistakes

Oh, those mistakes!

If you have read any of my articles, you will know that I am very observant. Often, when watching other players’ streams, there will be times when you get to see them training. I am always amazed by how many high-ranking players make Valorant aiming mistakes in how they practice. And no, I’m not talking about practicing flicking (quick crosshair movement) and tracking. These are irrelevant examples as training is done individually. What I’m talking about is:

1⃣ Training with bots

Training exclusively with stationary bots from a standing position

Some players think that aiming is all about quickly targeting an opponent’s head, so they only train by standing in the same spot and shooting at stationary bots. However, when going into battle, they are up against moving opponents, while they themselves cannot stand still and shoot. Unfortunately this does not help improve your aim.

You can learn to shoot at standing bots using it as a separate type of practice. But don’t forget that in a fight you’ll encounter many different situations, and you should try to simulate them on the training ground!

2⃣ Don’t train or don’t train enough

If you really want to improve your aim, then training is essential. And shooting at bots for ten minutes doesn’t count as a workout either. Just be honest with yourself: do you need it? If so, dedicate enough time to training to improve your aim (at least an hour a day to start), but don’t overdo it.

3⃣ Only train in Valorant

As much as I love this game, at the moment it does not have enough functionality to train exclusively in it. Want to take your aim to the next level? Try downloading Aim Lab or Aim Hero, and you will know what I mean without further explanations from me. It will really help you to improve your aim!

📢 Professional advice

Professional advice to improve your aim in Valorant:

No matter how observant I am or how much information I collect from various sources, this article won’t cover everything, what will help you to improve your aim, partly because certain things need a lot more space and time to be explained clearly.

So be sure to watch a few videos, read a couple of guides, and listen to the opinions of professionals such as TenZ, ScreaM, ANGE1, and others. This will give you everything you need to know about aiming and how best to implement it.

🗯 An interview with a Radiant player

And to make it easier to start, here’s an excerpt from an interview I had with a Radiant player:

«It all starts with a simple piece of advice: In every game, instill in yourself the habit of keeping the crosshair at head level. Always.

«At the higher ranks, aim plays a secondary role. Your position and movement are primary so that you are closer to your opponent’s head. Make sure that when you come out from behind a corner, you move your crosshair smoothly along it.

«Your mouse sensitivity will depend on your style of play. If you like clutching, you’re going to need a higher sensitivity when using an Operator. If you shoot in bursts (2-3 bullets) or tap (1 bullet), then go with a lower sensitivity.

«A good monitor, mouse, and mat is important!

«For some reason, many people forget about their radar and sharing information. Knowing how one of your five opponents is playing, you can predict the actions and positions of the rest of the team.

«Play in pairs, and always keep changing your tactics. If your opponents get the first kill and it’s 4v5, your chances of winning the round are greatly reduced.

«Train hard — the more time you spend practicing your skills, the cooler under pressure you’ll be. Raise the bar — if today you get 80 kills in a minute, improve your aim for 81 or more tomorrow.


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The paradox of playing multiple games

I want to tell you about my own observations, which you are unlikely to read anywhere else.

It would seem that the more you play one game and are not distracted by others, the better you should be at it. It’s also logical to assume that the more time you spend on a specific map, the more familiar you should be with it. And the longer you play with a certain weapon, the more you get used to its spray pattern.

Of course, all that I’ve just said is absolutely true. But spending a lot of time playing a game not only leads to mental fatigue but also can cause your eyes to blur. The reason for this is not a problem with the eyes, but rather the effects stem from the brain, which is purely a psychological reaction. This is an interesting phenomenon when the perception of reality is formed under the influence of the attitude, that is, the willingness or predisposition to perceive things and phenomena in a certain way. We do not see or hear what is actually there, but what we are ready to see and what our brain is tuned to.

Now, in simple terms: Have you noticed when you play for longer to try improve your ranking, the opposite sometimes happens? And vice versa, when you sit down to play after a break, everything suddenly seems to work out well, and you have renewed interest in the game? Many players are familiar with this situation.

But what role does aim play in all this? As in any sport (mom, I’m an eSportsman!), it’s necessary to take breaks between «approaches.» It is important to take mental rests from the game, and if you’ve been practicing your aim, you need physical rest too.

But I’ll go further, so in addition to taking breaks, I recommend playing different shooters as a really effective way to improve your aim! I don’t fully understand why, but this paradox works. The more you practice your shooting in different shooters, the better your shooting skill becomes overall.

Before writing this article, my friends and I left Valorant for a while and played something else. We were very surprised when we returned to the game a month later, and all of us raised our rank by at least three levels. Try it yourself, and you won’t have to wait long to see the results!

And finally…

There is really a lot of information about aiming on the Internet. Finding it isn’t difficult. But training consistently — that’s the real work.

This is why I want to encourage you to persevere and be determined in your training. I have been playing shooters for many years, but I only started training six months ago. To be honest, it feels very good to see and feel your shooting start to improve. If you’ve spent a lot of time playing the game, but you don’t train, at least try it. Tangible results may not be immediate, but it’s just a matter of time before you start seeing the effects.

Best regards,

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I believe that when aiming, the main thing is not to panic, but in general I liked the article )