Character movements in Valorant

If you have zero experience with FPS games, you will probably be pretty lousy when you start playing Valorant. But don’t worry, we have some useful tips that can help you become a better player! Today we’ll be talking about character movements in Valorant.

In Valorant, you need to plan every move. There is three different ways of moving in Valorant:

1. Squat (Your crosshair is really accurate)

2. Walking (It’s slightly less accurate)

3. Running (You shouldn’t shoot while running)


Character movements

Crouching lowers your head, which slows you down, but at the same time increases the accuracy of your crosshair.

When you are crouching in Valorant, certain weapons will have decreased horizontal or vertical recoil.

The only benefit of crouching is that it allows you to change your elevation from high to low.


Valorant has a hypersensitive sound system, so one wrong move will give away your position.

It’s important to remember that if you are walking, you make no sound! Walking prevents your opponents from discovering your position.


Running is faster but very loud. If you don’t have enough time to walk, then run. Walking can sometimes take too long when rotating or trying to plant, resulting in your time expiring.

But whether you crouch, walk or run, your agent will move faster with a knife! This is why players switch to their knife when they have to run across the map.

For perfect accuracy, you have to be standing when taking a shot.

Some other key points to keep in mind when playing Valorant are: strafing, counter strafing and bhop.

Everything in Valorant is built on these fundamentals. 

Strafing is the term used for most kinds of in-game movements. If your character is running to the right, you’re strafing right. The same goes if your character runs to the left, forward, or backward.

Counter-strafing is when you run around a corner, but the moment you have to shoot, you hit the opposite direction. It’s running or walking using the A or D button on your keyboard.

If you’re sprinting to the right, shoot, and hit the left shoot. Again, shoot and move left, or shoot and move right. Your shot is perfectly accurate. You can also crouch when counter-strafing. This lets you take a quicker shot and have more control over your movements!

I’m moving to the right, i’m sprinting

Counter-strafing can be used to take a quick shot on the go, and swiftly peek a corner to get an accurate shot.

An easy way to practice counter-strafing is by learning how to time your shots (you can train in the practice range mode).


Always have your crosshair at head height and in a position where you’re anticipating an opponent will be.

Bunny Hop

The Bunny Hop is an extremely useful skill to develop.

Bunny Hopping is a technique that involves jumping and air strafing. It’s an effective way to mask your footsteps. You can bunny hop over a lot of different abilities, and it is a great way to sustain far less damage. You can learn how to bhop in the Practice Mode.

Run in a straight line with W, and jump. Every time you’re about to hit the ground, flick your mouse wheel in the direction you’ve bound it to.

Here’s how it works:

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