Quick guide: How to solve errors 57, 61 | All Valorant error codes and fixes

At one point or another, we’ve all run into the game not loading properly and have seen the dreaded error screen with various Valorant error codes that can help you determine what exactly is the problem.

For the most part, a simple restart of the game or your PC will do the trick but there are times where you need to do more for fix Valorant error codes. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea what any of the Valorant error codes mean because we are here today with a full list of Valorant error codes and how to fix them.

The Common Valorant Error Codes

Some codes are encountered by almost everyone.

All Valorant Error Codes

Error Code #4 – Invalid display name

This error code simply means that there is an error with your Riot ID and you probably would have to change it.

Error Code #5 – Account logged into somewhere else

This means that you have logged in to your Riot account either on your mobile phone or on a different desktop. To fix this, all you have to do is log out from all active devices.

Error Code #7 – Couldn’t connect to session service

This error code can relate to a platform error on Riot’s side so make sure to check the official Valorant Discord or Riot’s support site for any announcements. Valorant error code 7 could also relate to a suspended account, so make sure to also check your email for any bans or suspensions issued by Riot.

Error Code #8-21 – Problems with the Riot Client

Valorant Error codes 8-21 are usually just simple problems with loading the Riot Client and can easily be fixed by either a simple restart of the client itself and if it doesn’t work simply restart your PC. Many people have encountered error code 12 in Valorant, which is also related to problems regarding the Riot Client, so the same fix should work.

Error Code #29 – Network Issue

Error code 29 is a network related issue and might be because your firewall is blocking Valorant. To fix this you simply need to allow Valorant through your firewall and try relaunching the client once again. You can find more details about firewall issues regarding Valorant here.

Error Code #31 – Failed to get player name information

This occurs when Riot cannot retrieve your name and your data. A simple restart of the Riot Client should fix this issue.

Error Code #33 – The Riot Client process was closed

The Riot Client was closed either accidentally or on purpose. Restarting the Riot Client should fix this error code.

Error Code #43 – The system has timed out

This error code is usually related to server-side problems. Simply restarting the client should fix this issue if there are no other problems with Riot’s servers.

Error Code #44 – Vanguard not initialized

Valorant requires Vanguard to be running, if error code 44 shows up on the screen you should check if the Vanguard icon can be found in your notification tray and simply restart your client. If the problem still occurs, a quick Vanguard reinstall should do the trick. 

Error Code #45 – Vanguard Reboot Required

Vanguard is probably not running properly if you encounter this problem, so you need to restart your Riot Client to fix it. If you have already restarted the client and code 45 still shows up, you should uninstall Vanguard and restart Valorant again.

Error Code #46 – Platform Downtime

Riot’s systems are simply down due to maintenance or to check on their systems. All you can do is wait until the downtime is finished.

Error Code #49 – Chat did not initialize

Loading your chat ran into an issue and to fix it you should go ahead and restart your client.

Error Code #50 – Voice did not initialize

Again, this is an issue related to chat, this time voice chat in particular and you’ll have to restart the client to fix it.

Error Code #51 – Problem creating a party

This is party systems related and should easily be fixed with a quick restart.

Error Code #52 – Problem with fetching skill information

Skill information simply cannot be properly loaded. Restarting the Riot Client should fix this issue.

Error Code #53 – Problem with Riot Client Chat

This relates to issues with the chat within the client and a client restart should do the trick.

Error Code #54 – Content service failure

Your content cannot be loaded or accessed, so you’ll have to restart the client to fix this issue.

Error Code #55 – ApplicationRepairManagerInitFailure

This is an error with some Valorant files and might be fixed with a client restart. If restarting the client doesn’t fix it, check the Riot Support Site for any banners. If there are no issues you should contact Riot Support.

Error Code #56 – LegalInfoInitFailure

This error is again associated with some Valorant files and can usually be fixed with a restart. There are situations where restarting doesn’t work and you’ll have to check the Riot Support Site for any problems. You can also contact Riot Support for additional help.

Error Code #57 – PlayerAffinityInitFailure

Valorant error code 57 is quite a common code that players run into. This code appears when some Valorant files run into some issues initializing. The first thing you should do is to restart the client. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try contacting Riot Support for further assistance.

Error Code #58 – RSOValidationFailure

Something in the Valorant files wasn’t properly validated. Restart your Riot Client and try again. If it doesn’t work contact Riot Support for help.

Error Code #59 – LoginQueueFetchTokenFailure

If you see this Valorant error codes the login queue ran into a problem. All you have to do to fix this is to restart the Riot Client.

Error Code #60 – PatchInitFailure

This error indicates that there was a problem with the startup process, just restart the Riot Client and your problem should be solved.

Error Code #61 – You have been banned from playing Valorant

Valorant error codes 61 are quite serious ones. This code appears when you have been banned from playing the game whether temporarily or permanently. There are various reasons why you can be banned like hate speech, racism, and cheating. You can learn more about Valorant bans here.

Error Code #62 – NoGamepodstoPingFailure

This is a network related issue and might be solved by a simple client restart. You can also try restarting your modem if relaunching the client did not work. If it still doesn’t work contact Riot Support for more help.

Error Code #63 – ManagerDeleted

This is an error with the startup process and all you have to do is restart the Riot Client.

Error Code #64 – SessionFetchFailure

Valorant error code 64 is another issue with the startup process and can simply be solved with a client restart.

There are also times when you will run into a Vanguard anti-cheat error in Valorant and the best thing to do in this situation is to check if Riot Vanguard is running. If Vanguard is running and you are still running into the same error, uninstall Vanguard and try to run Valorant again.

Another common error is the critical system error on Valorant and the best thing to do in this situation is to try and run Valorant as Administrator by right-clicking on Valorant and selecting “Run as Administrator.” Most Valorant error codes are harmless and can simply be solved by relaunching the client so there is no need to worry if ever you run into any of these error codes. If you ever run into Valorant error codes that you cannot solve on your own, you can always contact Riot Support. They are very responsive and will do their best to help you solve your problem.

By Anwell Patdu

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Restarting the computer is the solution to (almost) all problems.