Valorant Ascent Map — TOP 3 Key Positions for Defenders and Attackers

Hello agent! Today we’re talking about playing on a striking map: Ascent. Of course, all the positions on this map are valuable, but to increase your chances of winning rounds when playing on Valorant Ascent map, taking and controlling a key point is usually sufficient.

Ascent Map - TOP 3 Key Positions for Defenders and Attackers

It is our purely subjective opinion that there are three key positions on the Valorant Ascent map.

TOP 3 Key positions for Defenders and Attackers on Valorant Ascent Map:

1. Garage or Exit to B

2. Mid

3. Long A or Exit to A

Now let’s analyze each point separately, highlighting the best positions for defenders and attackers. We’ll start with the Garage or Exit to B.

Valorant Ascent map defenders position: Garage or Exit to B

This point on the map is a kind of corridor, where if you lose control, you can be sure that your opponents will capture B Site. There has been a lot of talk about defending this position, which usually takes place outside (from the Market and CT, for example). And that would be correct because when the attackers enter the tunnel (Point 3), they don’t need to rotate, like when they exit it towards the site.

But, if your opponents have occupied the tunnel, they can enter the site using all their skills, and it will be more difficult to contain them. Therefore, our advice would be to keep the tunnel under control. If multiple opponents enter the tunnel, then it makes no sense to start a gun battle. It would be better to zone out their output and relay the information to your teammates.

For the defense, agents with smokes and hammerheads are excellent for the Exit to B position in Ascent. It’s very easy to get from the tunnel to the site, so you need to use your skills to block any quick exits.

Valorant Ascent map attackers position: Garage or Exit to B

By occupying the tunnel, you can save your abilities for the subsequent Exit to B Site. Often there will be a corridor duel with a single opponent. If you win it, you will receive a superiority and a sphere as a gift. Not a bad gift, you agree?

Having taken this position, prepare your abilities from inside, and get ready to exit with some good team play. All of the following will be useful: flash, smokey, walls, grenades, a camera, an arrow, etc.

Try to block off the zones where the enemy is most likely to be. Move out quickly until the enemy is overrun and your abilities have worked. And don’t forget to cooperate with your teammates as this will make it more difficult to oppose you.

Now let’s move onto a very important and underestimated position:

Valorant Ascent map defenders position: Mid

Mid is defended from two positions:

1. Short A

2. Upper Mid, located near the Spawn and Market.

Right away, you should be aware that both positions involve long-range firefights. This means that in addition to the right choice of weapons, you need to use your abilities correctly when playing in Mid.

The defenders’ goal is to prevent the attackers from taking Mid while not occupying it themselves (in the first seconds of the round). If this happens, the defenses’ actions remain the same as in the tunnel: do not allow the enemy to advance further and provide any information to their allies.

Valorant Ascent map attackers position: Mid

For attackers, Mid provides an opportunity to access two sites simultaneously. What’s more, it reinforces your exit to the site from two different points:

1. Short and Long A

2. Market and Tunnel

That’s why it is important to win it back like the professionals do — in almost every round.

If you are occupying Mid, it’s better to limit your enemies’ vision in Lower Mid and Short during the first seconds of the round. You can do this by using a smokey or a wall. While the smoke is hanging, it will be very easy to take the Mid lane without losses to your team and prepare for further actions.

Mid is the only position where you can play slowly as an attacker because the defenders don’t know where to set their forces while you are in Mid. It is important to understand that when you play Mid with an operator, the attackers will most often find themselves in a losing situation. This is because they need to go out, see you, and then aim, and all this while the defense focuses on their possible exit point, even during the barriers phase. Therefore, you can use flashes or distracting maneuvers, such as a bomber, arrows, cameras, turrets, etc.

Try to occupy the Mid lane more often in your next few games, and you won’t have to wait long for the results. Our advice is not to underestimate this position.

Valorant Ascent map defenders position: Long A or Exit to A

The Long A’s «corridors» are very similar to those of Tunnel B. However, here it is worth giving this position to the attackers, unlike the tunnel. This is because A Site is an open space where it is difficult for defenders to close off all the areas. Moreover, a narrow passage is used to enter the site, which a well-aimed grenade or shock arrow will fly into perfectly. There are many positions here that offer protection and allow for abilities to be performed. Cypher is a super useful agent in A Site because there are many places for his trapwires to be placed in the uneven walls and floors.

Try to collect information and stay alive while defending the Long A. If you get into a duel, you risk leaving the site empty, which will make the enemy’s exit much easier.

Valorant Ascent map attackers position: Long A or Exit to A

If you meet an opponent when entering Long A and win the duel, you should take advantage of the situation and quickly go to the site. There’s a risk that only one player is left in the defense, and most likely, he will be at Short A. This means you can move out, focusing your attention in that direction, but without switching completely. You never know what surprises await you.

Otherwise, the exit tactics are the same as in the Garage: move quickly and decisively, and use your abilities. But as a rule, access to A Site from Long is more difficult due to the map’s architecture. Therefore, it is more important to strengthen Short A’s exit as it’s easier for an attacker to take Short A than Market.

To sum up, Valorant Ascent map is a structurally complex map, and shooting skills alone will not be enough here. Coordinating with your allies is key to making this map easier to play, and most importantly, more enjoyable.

All the best, and see you soon on the battlefield!

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