The best Valorant Agents on Split | Which Agents should you pick in your team composition?

Split is a controversial map. Some players are happy to play it along with the other four, while others skip or leave their matches at the agent selection stage. This is because of the map’s limited space, which is really inconvenient in skirmishes. However, if we soberly evaluate Valorant Split, it ranks as one of the most balanced maps.

In fact, neither the defense nor the attack has a significant advantage due to the map’s large middle section. The team that takes control of this area will usually go on to win the round. So, the Valorant agents you choose must be able to use their abilities in Mid’s wide-open spaces. Let’s have a look at the best Valorant agents on the Split map to know which agents should you pick in your team composition.

The best Valorant Agents on Split

These agents are usually duelists whose role it is to be the first to occupy the middle of the map, as well as the bomb sites. The key to winning on Split is quick and unexpected approaches and clearing out stubborn defensive positions. Reyna, Jett, or Raze can help the team do this.

Valorant Agent Reyna Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Jett Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Raze Overview: Origin, Abilities, Strategies
  • Reyna can use her invulnerability and «eye» flashes to occupy a position quickly.
  • Jett and Raze use their speed to get the first kills.
  • Playing with Raze will give the team grenades that can be thrown in the top area of the map and the exits of the bomb sites.

But this doesn’t mean that the duelists can only play in the first line of attack.

If you pick a self-sufficient agent, be ready to also seize the initiative on defense by getting your team’s first kill. The main thing is not to overdo it, and if you have already died several times trying to do this, it’s better to take a deeper defensive position or hang back when approaching sites. In theory, Phoenix is useful on any map, including Split. If you don’t have a solid player on Jett or Raze, go with Reyna and Phoenix.

Valorant Agent Reyna Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Phoenix Overview: Origin, Abilities, Strategies
  • Both of these Valorant agents will be able to fulfill the duelist role — scoring first kills and opening up positions.
  • But because of Reyna’s distinctive blinding abilities, her push will be slightly more effective.
  • On the other hand, Phoenix is a more commanding character due to his ability to isolate positions with his fireballs and flame wall. Your choice, again, depends on your playing style.

Smokes are obviously a key ability for any map or team.

On Split, both Omen and Brimstone are equally useful because of the relatively small distances between the attacking side’s barriers and the defense’s key positions.

Valorant Agent Omen Overview: Origin, Abilities, Strategies
  • Only one of these areas can remain smoke-free — the defenders’ respawn arch at A Site.
  • In the case of an asynchronous push on this location by a team, there could be trouble, especially if it is occupied by a sniper.
  • However, this position can be closed off with a well-placed incendiary grenade.

In defense, Brimstone will be slightly more effective than Omen due to a lingering fire zone that can stop a sudden push from the attacking side. And his stim beacons will help you in situations where you can’t rely on the help of teammates.

Your health can easily take a sudden hit on Split.

Sometimes it’s necessary to give up an angle or an elevated position that you’re holding to avoid being killed. At least you will still be left with half your health. Therefore, it is vital to provide the team with support in the form of a healer.

Valorant Agent Sage Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Skye Overview: Abilities, Strategies, Tips
  • Of course, you could pick Sage, who can also stall enemy pushes with her defensive wall. However, her partial health replenishment and wall mean she will mainly play on defense, while Skye’s blinding and healing abilities will help in attack.
  • Skye is generally the best alternative to her Chinese counterpart on any map. On Split, her advantages are obvious, owing to the controlled blinding and the wide area in which allies’ health can be replenished. In fact, the healing radius is so large that her teammates can easily take up positions in a secured site and replenish their health.

Sova and Breach have similar roles on Split — observing close and distant positions to gather intel on the opposition.

But if the team’s scout will mainly observe enemy positions, then go with Breach for his ability to clear out occupied positions and provide support to the team.

Valorant Agent Sova Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Breach Overview: Origin, Abilities, Strategies

The choice between these Valorant agents depends on two factors:

  • The first is how many blinding abilities you already have in your team.
  • If you have chosen the pair of Phoenix and Skye, then Breach’s blinding flashes will be superfluous.
  • It’s best to then go with Sova for his Recon Bolt that can be fired into practically any location on Split.

You just need to learn how to master his arrows by watching the pros like Average Jonas. Both Sova and Breach are versatile Valorant agents on this map and will be useful on both attack and defense as they can secure or clear out a site. Whichever team of Valorant agents you assemble, try to include them in it.

Cypher, Killjoy, and Viper can be disregarded as they are not as effective on Split as the other maps.

Valorant Agent Cypher Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Killjoy Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Viper Overview: Origin, Abilities, Strategies

However, if you are confident in your shooting skills and experience, Killjoy is the best of the three.

  • Firstly, because of her turret that can clear almost an entire site of enemies. This works especially well at B Site.
  • Secondly, her remote grenades can halt opponents’ approaches to a site or planted Spike. Of course, most players check for grenades on the bomb, but you can also use them to stall for time.
  • Thirdly, a weakening bot that if successfully triggered on impact with enemies, leaves them vulnerable to double damage, which can be a huge plus for the team.
  • Killjoy’s abilities can be utilized in both defense and attack. However, in the latter case, it will involve defending the rear of the team and the planted Spike, rather than clearing out a site in the front row of the attack.

Which Agents should you pick in your team composition?

Let’s sum up and select a good and competent team of Valorant agents for Split.

Valorant Agent Jett Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Raze Overview: Origin, Abilities, StrategiesValorant Agent Skye Overview: Abilities, Strategies, TipsValorant Agent Killjoy Overview: Origin, Abilities, Strategies
  1. Jett: Quick kills and a willingness to play for the team even when you want to go it alone. Playing with this agent, try to rotate often and surprise your opponents.
  2. Raze: Try to play under the cover that your grenades, boom bots, and teammates provide. Even a self-sufficient duelist is useless if they are killed first.
  3. Brimstone: Use smokes to successfully enter a site and defend it, fire for zoning certain positions, and stim beacons as a bonus for the whole team.
  4. Skye: This agent provides sufficient blinding abilities for the team. Be ready to play in the rear of the attack but in the front line of the defense. Impede enemy approaches with stuns and flashes.
  5. Killjoy: Single site defense, especially B Site, which has only one main exit. Don’t be afraid to play flexibly, switching between the Mid lane and a more defensive position.

You can replace Jett with Breach in this list if you are not confident about your own skills, or Killjoy with Sova if your team needs to be the first to detect enemies. In addition, recon arrows can help to deceive defenders as to which site to push. And lastly, don’t forget that achieving success on Split mostly depends on taking control of Mid, and from there you can build your attack.

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