BJK Nisay, 1st place at Valorant Ranked EU just gotbanned

BJK Nisay who just few day ago had 1st place at Valorant Ranked EU Leaderboard was banned by Riot’s Anti-Cheat team, they say «Nisay was found cheating in a ranked match and was banned from all official Riot Games events for 12 months.»

Most likely his account is banned permanently.

Lately he was playing for esports organization called Beşiktaş Esports, participated in two tournaments Open Fire and VERSUS LEGENDS. Prior to that he had no professional experience.

Good riddance to all the cheaters.

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sterg Фев 11, 2021

Боже мой, что случилось с плашками где название разделов, дизайнер вырвиглаз ?

Oleg Фев 12, 2021

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