Brimstone buff is coming in future updates according to Valorant developers

Valorant agent Brimstone has not enjoyed much popularity since the game’s official launch in June 2020. The character’s pick rate has been decreasing day by day as players look to other agents with unique abilities such as Omen, Jett, or Sova. The Valorant agent Brimstone, along with Sage and Viper, shared the lowest pick rate of all the Valorant characters with a 0% pick rate during the North American First Strike tournament.

Brimstone buff Valorant

The above statistical graph speaks for itself with miserable results for some of the agents. Unlike Brimstone, Omen has an extremely impressive 100% pick rate, which can be attributed to his unique mobility abilities. This is exactly the reason why Brimstone is out of favor with most players, as he feels powerless in both defense and attack in comparison to Omen.

Brimstone buffs are «coming very soon»

But despite his low popularity, Brimstone has a fan base of loyal players who begged for some sort of buff kit in a recent post on Reddit.

This post wasn’t missed by a Valorant developer ‘Altombre’ who confirmed that Brimstone would be getting some improvements in the upcoming patches. So, we can only guess that Brimstone buffs will come in the upcoming Episode 2 Act 1 update, but it’s unknown what exactly changes to be made by Riot Games.

There are no further details on what improvements we can expect, but there is still room for discussion. What improvements to Brimstone would make you consider him as your daily agent of choice?

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