Cypher guide for Haven

Cypher is one of the most useful agents in the game, on the pro scene, his pick rate exceeds all other agents. In this guide, we will teach you how to quickly declassify opponents using such jewelry playstyle with Cypher.

Haven Plant A

The first Cypher‘s spycam is useful for tracking the entire Plant in case it is deeply defended or if Spike is already planted.

The second spycam is a great alternative to the first, but here the whole focus is mainly on the exit from the CT.

The enemies tend not to notice it and it also gives a great view of the short (tunnel) and a small part of the long.

The fourth camera will allow you to check the long and lobby (area). A super useful camera when pushing a long.

Some easy trap location on A:

Haven Plant B

Let’s move over to B. There are three spycam spots for Plant B.

The first camera gives you deep protection of a Plant or Spike.

The second is an alternative to the first, but it easier to spot.

And two more of the most effective spots for Trapwires.

Haven Plant C

Let’s start with the camera on to garage and the Trapwire on the door.

The camera is really useful for this area, you can track both B yard and a part of Plant C.

There is a camera for a quick peek inside the long C.

There are two cameras for deep protection of a Plant and the Spike. They are hard to spot and difficult to break, so don’t be afraid to leave them here.

You can leave some Trapwires that are not predictable, as shown in the video below:

We hope this guide will help you to destroy the attackers and win together!

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Daniel Sharipov Сен 1, 2020

Wow! Cool guide. (づ ◕‿◕ )づ