Dignitas pick up former Team Homeless Valorant roster

The American esports organization Dignitas announced today that it has signed the former Team Homeless Valorant roster. DIGNITAS finally have a new Valorant team!

Dignitas is a professional esports organization based in Newark founded by Michael «ODEE» O’Dell.

The 4 members selected by Dignitas had previously played Team Homeless at the Pax Arena Invitational Ignition Series event and the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series.

Now Dignitas Valorant team consists of 4 players:

  1. Rory «dephh» Jackson
  2. Phat “Supamen” Le
  3. Harrison “psalm” Chang
  4. Phat “POISED” Le

A fifth team member has yet to be announced but will be announced by the end of the week.

Former CS: GO player dephh is the rock of this squad, standing out as a potential leader in the game. His CS: GO experience is well known.

“We are dedicated to making a big splash at Valorant and Dignitas have proven that they can provide the resources and expertise to their players to become world champions,” said dephh.

The fifth player is not yet known, but this team is one of the 8 teams invited to Pop Flash Tournament. It is time for Dignitas to dominate and rank high in their first tournament with a new squad.

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