Do skins improve the game in Valorant

If we talk about the main trends in the esports industry, then skins for weapons are one of the most controversial and popular. Each modern shooter brings its developers hundreds of thousands of dollars every day through the release of skins, with their further purchase by gamers.
This took place in Valorant as well. Already at the beta testing stage, players could familiarize themselves with the features of the skins. The first thing that caught my eye was the significant prices. Despite this, the developers, Riot, stated that skins are not created for their own profit, but for a variety of gameplay.

What will change in weapons

Naturally, the main task of skins is to create an aesthetic appearance for weapons. Valorant users have the opportunity to buy several weapons for $ 30-50, thereby distinguishing themselves among hundreds of «gray characters».
A feature of skins in this game is that they affect not only the coloring of weapons, but also the sound effect. As a rule, in expensive weapons, the audio accompaniment is more pronounced, thereby motivating the gamer to play at their maximum.
Yes, skins will definitely make games more interesting, but at the same time, the user must independently decide whether to spend their hard-earned money on their purchase, if they do not even improve their gaming skills.

The main question is whether or not they affect the game

If we talk about mechanics, then Valorant skins do not affect the performance of a particular character in the game in any way. Therefore, if the purpose of buying them is to improve your own skills, then such ideas should be put aside. This is logical. After all, the skills should come through hard training, and not the purchase of the appropriate tools.
On the other hand, very often, they play the role of a placebo. The player will still feel more confident if he is holding an expensive weapon. At the same time, the opponents get the impression that a person who has skins in his arsenal is necessarily higher than their level of play.
Perhaps, the Valorant skins act as a «doping» for a short time. When the player gets used to them, and they begin to bother him, he will no longer be so concentrated.
Making a conclusion, we can state that it is better to buy skins if there is extra money. If, however, there is no special need for this, then you can play with the «default» weapon.

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