First Strike is the first major VALORANT esports tournament organized by Riot Games and will showcase the best talent and the unique playstyle of each region. The tournament will crown the first VALORANT champions via multiple regional finals taking place from December 3-6. Each final will feature the top eight teams from the region, who will earn their spots via a series of merit based qualifiers.


Information on the Europe’s First Strike Qualifiers can be found here. The Open Qualifiers are split into four separate tournaments, two per week, with the top sixteen teams from each advancing to the respective week’s Play-In stage. Competing teams aren’t tied to any single Qualifier, which means that if your team gets knocked out of Qualifier A, you can try again in Qualifier B, C, and D. Teams therefore have four chances to secure a place in the Play-Ins and potentially advance to the Playoffs.

Key Dates:

Week 1 Qualifier

  • Qualifier A — Nov 9-10
  • Qualifier B — Nov 11-12
  • Play-In #1 — Nov 13
  • Playoffs — Nov 14 -15

Week 2 Qualifier

  • Qualifier C — Nov 16-17
  • Qualifier D — Nov 18-19
  • Play-In #2 — Nov 20
  • Playoffs — Nov 21 -22


Information on Brazil’s First Strike Qualifiers can be found here. First Strike will feature four open qualifiers. Each qualifier will support the participation of 512 teams, totaling 2,048, and from each open qualifier the 8 best teams will be selected. In the end, these 32 teams (8 from each qualifier) ​​will compete against each other in a final qualifier for the selection of the 8 best teams, which will participate in the First Strike in December.

Key Dates:

  • Open Qualifier #1: October 17 and 18
  • Open Qualifier #2: October 24 and 25
  • Open Qualifier #3: October 31 and November 1
  • Open Qualifier #4: November 7 and 8
  • Final Qualifier (Closed): November 14 and 15
  • VALORANT First Strike: December 3, 4, 5 and 6


Information on Korea’s First Strike Qualifiers can be found here. The 24 teams with the highest cumulative Circuit Points will earn the right to compete in the First Strike Qualifiers in November.

Key Dates:

  • VALORANT First Strike Qualifiers: November 12-22


Information on the OCE Qualifiers can be found here. Additional information about the qualifiers will be released in the next few weeks.


Information on the Regional Qualifiers for North America, Japan, CIS, Turkey, MENAI, LATAM, and SEA will be released soon.

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