G2 Esports won the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup

Mandatory.GG Cup tournament was the latest competition in the Riot Games backed Ignition Series, with the best teams in Europe competing in a single-elimination bracket where one loss would lead to the team eliminated from the event.

The Mandatory.GG Cup was held from July 31 – August 2. It was streamed on the official Valorant Twitch channel.

G2 Esports has won the €10,000 Mandatory.gg Cup Valorant tournament.

The Valorant team of the German e-sports organization G2 Esports triumphed over Bonk and won the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup. G2 Esports team won 3-0 (13: 9, 13: 8, 13: 5) against the Swedish organization Bonk. This is their third victory on the official Riot Games Ignition Series.

«We feel great. I think nobody can beat us at the moment,” said G2 player David Prins

Results & Final placements

Map 1 Haven 13-9

It’s on Haven that the final began, G2 Esports starting in defense while Bonk was on the attack. In the first rounds, it looked like G2 had things in hand.
But the former NIP team was not going to just give them this game. Bonk succeeds to equalize 3-3.

G2 adjusted very well to this strategy thanks to the teleportation of Patitek on Omen, able to break out the traps set by Bonk and stab them in the back. Bonk’s defense was very strong, despite the absence of a Sage on the team. Yacine’s mission, on Jett, seemed to be to eliminate the G2 healer played by Davidp. A plan that has paid off on several occasions, until Pyth on his Cypher and Ardiis on Sova started to protect her. From then on, G2 managed to regain the advantage and ruin Bonk’s economy. Despite strong defensive attempts, the team was forced to concede the first match to G2 on a score of 13-9.

Map 2 – Ascent 13-8

G2 Esports took the first 3 points before Bonk caught up, this time thanks to Aron’s gadgets on Cypher. The mid then became a hostile zone for G2, unable to cross the square without being eliminated by an Operator. Unfortunately for Bonk, the game got completely out of their hands when G2 switched to defense. Despite superb actions from Sayf and Yacine, the individual performances weren’t enough to worry their opponents’ defenses. G2 Esports won the second round on a 13-8.

Map 3 Bind 13-5

Even though many considered the choice of this Map strange, G2 got off to a good start, going 4-0 up early before Bonk managed to pick up some rounds and pull it back to 4-4, and even got 5-4 up. But then G2 pulled it back, changing up their aggressive defensive style to a more passive one and ended up taking the half 7-5. With G2 on the attack, Bonk struggled to pick up wins and eventually the map ended 13-5 in G2’s favor, giving them the tournament win.

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