Gamers Slang: 15 popular gaming terms you need to know

If you’re just starting out in Valorant, and you don’t have much experience playing other shooters, then this article will be very useful for you. Here’s a brief guide to some of the most common gamers slang you might hear.

You’ve probably seen words in a chat session or heard in a voice chat that you don’t understand (e.g., gg, gl, nt, etc.). So, to help you understand gamers, here are commonly used gamers slang used in shooters, including Valorant.

Gamers Slang:

GG — Good game.

This expression is usually used at the end of a game when opponents thank each other for the game. Generally, the losing side writes gg first.

GG WP — Good game, well played.

A similar expression to GG that is usually used by the losing side to thank their opponents for a good game.

GL — Good luck.

It’s used at the beginning of a game to wish each other a good match.

HF — Have fun.

It’s customary to say «HF» with gl hf. Sometimes it is used by opponents at the beginning of a game when one opponent is much stronger than the other, thus showing that the game will be both easy and fun.

NP — No problem.

NP is something you say to make amends for an awkward situation. It’s used as a positive response to a request.

AFK — Away from keyboard.

A phrase that lets others know that a player is not active on their computer. Then, for example, the team will write to their opponents «Reyna AFK», thereby letting them know that Reyna is not currently online.

GJ — Good job.

Allies praise one of their players for a well-played game, clutch moment, ace, for instance.

GH — Good half.

It’s used before switching sides in team games like Valorant.

NT — Nice try.

It’s a compliment for a teammate who played well but failed to win the round. An example would be when a teammate was up against 4 opponents and killed three of them, but was eventually killed.

IMO, IMHO — In my opinion, In my humble opinion.

It’s used in situations when you want to emphasize your opinion on a certain issue.

WP — Well played.

This expression is used to praise your opponent for a nicely played round.

NS — Nice shot.

It’s used to praise a valuable or well-aimed shot.

OMG — Oh my god.

OMG is something you say when your ally literally played like a clown and failed to win an easy play (for example, not killing an opponent in the back).

LOL — Laughing out loud.

It’s more likely to indicate a smile in various situations. For example, when the enemy releases the defuse button in the final seconds of a game and doesn’t defuse the Spike.

STFU — Shut the f#ck up.

STFU is a direct command with a meaning very similar to «be quiet». Moreover, some people shorten STFU to FU or SU.

We trust that you have learned at least a few new gaming terms. There are dozens more, but our brief guide contains 15 of the most commonly used slang words for beginners.

Do you know any other gamers slang words? Comment below!

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