Gift Cards Giveaway Results

Hello Guys 💥

Thank you all so much for joining the Valorant Gift Cards Giveaway. It’s so exciting to read your great comments! This Video is about the Gift Cards Giveaway winners 🎁

We were expected to announce the results yesterday 10 November 2020, however, due to so many candidates (14 winners), our team had been having a really busy time to decide the winners and got a bit of delay.

We have sent an email with instruction on how to claim your gift card, please reply.

Gift Cards :

🎁 5025 VP

  • bigiie

🎁 2450 VP

  • Ariama
  • Ginwaldo
  • Darkovius

🎁 1000 VP

  • Truck PF
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • jaeisvibing
  • Phxon Art
  • Q_IDomg
  • Liviu Curea
  • lucasgri96
  • KALEB 24
  • SpaceIkoko
  • vanibraxchi

Congratulations to the winners!!

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kitcat93 Янв 15, 2021

Hello, when will be next??

ICE_DI Янв 15, 2021

We don’t know exactly, yet. We’ll notify our subscribers about new giveaways via mail! Have a good day 🙂

7Emily Ноя 16, 2020

Congratulations to the winners