How to get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant for free

With the new festive updates Valorant is helping everyone get in a Holiday mood! Skins, game modes, and now a new Gun Buddy! And so you’re wondering how to get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant? We have the answer! Just one week left to take home your Snowbro gun buddy! You better hurry up.

Snowbro is a tiny snowman trapped inside a glass ball but don’t worry, he doesn’t seem to be upset about it. Gun Buddies are small accessories that can dangle or sit on your weapon to make it look cuter, cooler, or whatever else you want it to look like. In your holiday joy I bet you have a couple questions, and I have the answers.

How to get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant for free

How to get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant?

There’s just one way, and this time it isn’t to pay for it! All you have to do is play one game of the new snowball fight event, and it should be in your inventory within a couple days!

Do you need to win to get the Snowbro Buddy?

Thankfully for everyone who has a string of bad luck, no. All you have to do is play one whole game.

I played a game, but I didn’t get the Snowbro Buddy, why can’t I unlock the Snowbro?

Riot says that they’re working on the backend (Coding) to make sure the skins get in all the right places, so it could take a few days before the buddy shows up in your inventory. That being said, some players are also reporting they aren’t getting the buddy at all, but that is what this time is for in Valorant.

It isn’t even close to a finished game, so Riot naturally has to work out all the bugs still, including these issues.

All that being said, hopefully Riot continues to be liberal with their accessories and skins as the game continues to be developed. Many game studios follow the model of micro-transactions and pay-walls, so although Valorant isn’t free from those, hopefully there are more ways to earn rewards other than simply buying them.

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