How to peek corners in Valorant like a pro: a quick guide to the Valorant Geometry

To gain an advantage over your enemies, you don’t always need to shoot well, aim quickly, and so on. You do, however, need to know the geometry of the maps and how to peek corners in Valorant.

In this guide, we’ll be covering how to peek corners in Valorant and some corner peeking techniques, and for that, we need to understand more about how map geometry works in Valorant.

So, let’s learn how to peek corners in Valorant

Let’s consider an example:

Two players are behind a wall, but the first player sees the second player before he’s seen by the second player. Why? I’ll explain. It has to do with the distance that each player is from the corner. The farther away you are from the corner, the earlier you will see what is around the corner. Keep this in mind as it is the most important takeaway from this guide. While moving around a map, you should always have a rough idea of where your enemy is. This is the starting point to understanding how you should move and how to peek corners in Valorant.

Key things about peeking corners in Valorant

On the Bind map, for example, when moving toward Window through the middle of the map, it is logical to expect an enemy to take a position in the passage. If so, then this corner is important for us.

Valorant peeking corners guide like a pro

For the enemy, this corner remains the same distance from him. But we can choose how far to position ourselves from it. To gain an advantage, we move along the wall farthest from the corner, which gives us a better view than our opponent.

Here’s a situation where we can see our opponent, but he can’t see us.

Valorant how to peek corners guide
valorant walk peek

And here’s an example of poor movement:

We don’t see the enemy at all, while he can see half of our body.

valorant walk peek

Let’s look at one more corner, the last one in this guide.

Poor control at B Long

This is an example of poor control at B Long. Why? It’s simple. I can’t even see my enemy, and he can already kill me.

Peek corners in valorant

An example from his perspective.

Valorant peeking corners guide

But, if you look at the same position from a different angle, the result is different: I see my opponent before he sees me.

Hold corners in valorant
Valorant walk peek

As I have previously mentioned, to shoot well, you need to do more than just learn to aim quickly. It’s also important to know how to correctly move your character model to gain an advantage.

Well, that’s it for this guide on how to peek corners in Valorant. My advice is to practice in custom games before you play in competitive matches. Good luck!

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Kings killer Дек 16, 2020

On some parts of the map, I take into account in advance such places from where the enemy can knock out. Thank you for the article!

Mad Destroyer Ноя 26, 2020

Think it’s basic for every valor player. Hope my allies will know how to peeking corners. Thx for guide, need more of these types of content)