How to purchase gift cards in Valorant

  Valorant is a widely popular game. So it’s not surprising that there would be a demand for gift cards for the game. It’s not uncommon to have a friend who is wildly enthusiastic about Valorant, and gifting them a Valorant gift card could make their day.

Riot Games sells prepaid gift cards for Valorant via which can only be purchased in the United States and can be redeemed in the United States and Canada. Riot Games has made it clear that these cards are region-locked, so they will not be redeemable from any non-eligible region.

How to buy and redeem Valorant gift card

Valorant prepaid gift cards come in four denominations — $10, $25, $50, $100.

It is not advisable to buy Valorant gift cards from any third-party merchants as Riot clearly says they won’t be able to help a user if the gift card is not bought from an authorized seller.

Keeping that aside, once a user has purchased a prepaid gift card for Valorant, they will receive a corresponding code digitally through email. The next step is to redeem the code in-game. This can be done through the following steps:

  • Go to the store and click on the + icon
  • Select the Prepaid Cards payment method.
  • Enter the pin code from the back of the card. Do NOT include any spaces as Riot’s system will identify it as invalid.
  • Press the blue Submit button to complete the transaction

And Voila! If done correctly, the user will have the freshly acquired Valorant points in their account. Valorant points can be used to purchase new agents or get their hands on shiny new weapon skins.

But besides the purpose of gifting someone Valorant Points, buying Valorant points from in-game using debit/credit card, Paypal etc are much more convenient, especially if one is buying Valorant points for themselves.

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