How To Rank Up Fast In Valorant: Best 10 Tips To Climb each rank

Each passing day, the skill gap between players increases; consequently, making it more difficult to rank up more easily. Here are 10 tips that will help you rank up fast in Valorant, but their efficacy will be based on their implementation. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

10 tips to rank up fast in Valorant

If you want to rank up fast in Valorant, this is what you need to do:

1. Learn How to Peek:

One of the most significant aspects in any shooting game is that players should not fire while moving, since it leads to an inaccurate aim, you. However, staying still isn’t a viable alternative because that makes players an easy target. That’s why during peeking corners you have to Strafe and Counter-Strafe, to keep your movement continuous while minimizing loss in aim accuracy.

There are numerous peeking techniques: shoulder-peeking, jiggle-peeking, and wide-peeking. Many of these approaches aim to accomplish various aims. Shoulder peeking is ideal for intelligence collecting or baiting enemy snipers. Jiggle-Peeking is usually performed in conjunction with pre-fire to clear those angles Wide-peeking allows players to expose more of themselves while also giving a better shot at the enemy. When players opt for this peeking technique, they should make sure that they don’t put yourself a 1v2 situation, because then they won’t have time to go back and grab cover.

2. Memorize Usual Agent Locations

For the whole half, several players play the same position, which is what you can memorize to achieve an advantage. For example, if you know that Killjoy and Skye are defending B, you might tell your team that there are 2 people on B and it might be a smart idea to take the site in a coordinated effort with 3 or more agents, especially with abilities which can fend the agents on the site of. If the same people are attacking you as you’re defending, the same works in reverse, as you can allocate more agents to the site to negate the push.

3. Use the Buy Menu efficiently

Rank up fast in valorant - use buy menu

You can spend credits in Valorant on required items such as weapons, armour, and skills. What you’re going to buy will depend on what kind of weapon you want, how you want to play, or how many credits you have. Knowing how Valorant’s economy works would boost the gameplay, making it easier to rank up fast in Valorant! Tracking how many credits you and the enemy team have after every single round is extremely critical! 

You will make important decisions about how to win the game depending on how the economy of both sides stands. You need to know when to play half buy, eco rounds or force, while still being able to anticipate what your enemies are going to do.

4. Keep Up with The Meta:

Valorant’s Pro Scene has grown and diversified greatly throughout the year. More and more esports organizations are signing up Valorant rosters to compete in professional tournaments at different tiers. With so many pro players on the scene, another fluctuating variable is the agent selection meta. Due to the constant updates to Valorant, agreeing on a single “best” Agent is rather impossible, since new updates can nerf or buff certain agents.

To rank up fast in Valorant, players need to keep up with the updates, as well as tune in regularly to Pro matches to see how they compete, and use the tactics and strategies and implement them in their games. Professional Players have a better understanding of the game. Often during these matches, players can learn some tips which can overturn the scales in their favour on the battlefield.

5. Prioritize Your Targets:

To rank up fast in Valorant, players need to prioritize their targets. Players in a team can vary greatly in terms of skill level, or current match performance. To gain the upper hand, you must realize which enemies are worth targeting first and which should be dealt with later in the round. You should target the enemy with no creds first.  

You can see your team’s credits and the enemy’s credits in one of the columns when you press tab. If you see that there are low credits for those enemies, you should use that to your advantage and concentrate the push on certain enemies because you have a better chance at eliminating them. However, looking at creds will only be beneficial if you can keep up with it. Low credits could also mean he has purchased something of a better class and has no creds left. If you lose to the same guy who is potentially #1 on the leaderboard all the time, avoid duelling him anymore. Focus on the weaker players and kill them first, then move on to the stronger ones with your squad collectively to outnumber them. This is going to be helpful to rank up fast in Valorant.

6. Don’t Rush:

Many teams don’t tactically strategize and move, but call for 5 man rushes on A site. This mindless pushing can work sometimes, but its rate of success is less, and this method can only thrive when there is precision, coordination, and an enemy team to lack snipers, etc. Otherwise, with Molotovs, Smokes, and so on, the opposing team will quickly cut you apart. Now and again, it’s okay to ambush the opposing team with a rush, but it shouldn’t be a regular tactic. Choose the right strategy is crucial to rank up fast in Valorant.

7. The Minimap is Crucial:

How to rank up fast in Valorant?

In Valorant don’t consider the minimap just another HUD feature, it is meant to be there for player’s usage. Every couple of seconds, you need to look at the minimap. This is going to be vital to rank up fast in Valorant. You’ve got to know where the enemy is, who’s alive, who’s gone, where they can go, where the enemies were last seen, and so on.

 If an enemy is spotted, for example, when you hear explosions, you can generally see the “?” on the minimap, you will see an X when someone dies. And if a spike carrier fails, and the spike hasn’t been picked up, on the minimap, you’ll see its place. At that moment, you can take care of chokepoints around the spike to get easy picks on people aiming for the Spike. Once again, do not neglect the minimap at any cost.

8. Work with Your Team

In a multiplayer tactical shooter, it should go without saying that working in conjunction with the team is vital. Try to find out your teammates’ general ability, communication abilities, and game sense. Collect as much data as you can. You will begin to examine what happened after the first couple of round. 

Were your options bad? Let someone else make the decisions. Do not advise an individual, address the team if you are failing, because your team is all you’ve got. 

9. Personal Performance:

Following up on the previous point, it is worth noting that while winning as a team is essential, a player’s performance is more significant.  You will need to get kills and assists, meaning that winning the game is not enough to earn a significant ranking. It would take a lot of those weak wins to rank up a division. If you win a match and have done badly with a bad KD. Earning fewer points will cause you to stay in the same rank for extended periods, while the skill gap will continue to rise. You will have to face tougher opponents on the same tier, and ranking up will get more challenging.

10. Death isn’t The End.

Valorant has all the tools to become a titan of the FPS world - Millenium

 You are still part of the squad even after you die, and an important one nonetheless.  You ought to inform where you died, how many people were there, and at the hands of which operator. On top of that, your insights in the spectator mode will be of great help to the player, because when you’re not playing, you’re not as focused on the crosshair, angles. Make sure to guide your teammates after you die, that they can avenge your death and the output can be in your team’s favour.

Mistakes are a common issue, and everyone makes them. The willingness to acknowledge these errors and improving daily to correct them is what differentiates the best players from the mediocre ones. Do not blame the game or other players: instead, focus on your gameplay. After every single one of your deaths and rounds that your team lost, make notes on the errors and work on correcting them.

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