How to surrender in Valorant | Will Valorant have a vote kick system like CS:GO has?

Today we want to tell you about one interesting option in Valorant. We will tell you how to surrender in Valorant, when you can surrender, and what happens when you surrender. Moreover, we will find out the answer to the question: Will Valorant have a Vote-Kick System? Let’s go!

As the skill gap between players is increasing gradually, competitive matches are getting tougher. There are games where the other side is simply stronger than yours, and before the game is eventually over, you have to struggle round after round since leaving mid-game will result in matchmaking penalties. After the launch of the competitive mode in Valorant with patch 1.02, several changes were introduced including an all-new set of rank icons with the peak rank being renamed to Radiant, but the most significant addition was of the new Early Surrender Button. 

Similar to the Vote to forfeit in Rocket League, the Surrender Button allows players to opt-out of the match pre-completion without receiving any matchmaking penalty. A player can call the Surrender Vote, and only upon unanimous decision will the surrender rule be passed on.

❓How to surrender in Valorant? 

How to forfeit in Valorant? How to surrender in Valorant?

❓How to forfeit in Valorant?

Forfeiting in Valorant is simpler than it sounds. One of the players on the team will have to type any of the following commands: «/ff», «/concede», “forfeit”, «/surrender» in the chat to initiate the voting session. Once the option is called on, players on the team will be notified of this proposal and the voting will commence. Players can press “F5” and “F6” for agreeing or disagreeing to the vote respectively. Typing in «/yes» or «/no» is also accepted as the input for your vote. Since all players must agree to surrender, a single vote against the surrender, or an absent vote will result in the match being continued.

❓When can you surrender?

The choice to call a surrender vote isn’t accessible until at least 8 rounds have been completed. Since usually at this point, players can predict how the game will proceed based on results of previous rounds, and if the circumstances aren’t favourable, they can bow out early. Besides, a surrender vote can only be called by each party once per half. The game will not display the name of the player who started the vote to maintain anonymity. 

❓What happens when you surrender?

Given that all players abide by the decision to surrender, the vote is passed. Once the vote is passed the opposing team will receive winning credit for all the rounds needed to win the match, while losing credit for the surrendering teams. 

Matches in Valorant can be quite lengthy ranging from about 30-45 minutes each, with 25 rounds per match. Being beaten, and outplayed each round only to prevent penalty can be exasperating and can trigger rages. Having the option to surrender, despite waiting for 8 rounds, is a relief for all players who are seeking for a more pleasant experience, and enjoy playing rather than being destroyed each round by high-ranking professionals. 

But what happens if you leave a valorant game? It’s another question, and to find out the answer to this question you can read this article: 

📢 Will Valorant have a Vote Kick System?

Will Valorant have a Vote-Kick System?
Vote Kick CSGO

Vote Kick systems is a feature in CSGO which allows players to remove a certain member of the team on a collective vote. In certain situations, having such a feature is of dire need. If a player is enrolled in a competitive game, and one or more members of the team are AFK, their team’s strength reduces considerably and losing becomes almost inevitable. Furthermore, certain players team up with the opposing team and grant them an unfair advantage, having a traitor can render your strategies useless and can result in a loss. 

We see that Valorant community keeps asking for vote-kick system. Do you guys support the idea?

While such an option doesn’t currently exist in Valorant, it is highly likely that in the near future, a similar feature will make its way as developers at Riot are working tirelessly to improve the competitive mode to develop the esports scene. Valorant’s esports scene is already on the rise, and with every new tournament beneficial development is eminent, a great example is the recently concluded First Strike Tournament. 

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JAMFM Дек 18, 2020

Play even 3 on 5. Be strong.

Mad Destroyer Дек 15, 2020

Never surrender, never give up) It’s better to take a deep breath and try to play the game than just surrender.

Zak Shnider Дек 15, 2020

The voting system is very important because many players just stand still AFK after losing just a pistol round. I don’t like these players.