How to win Valorant force rounds | Exact guide & Top 3 mistakes in second round

In our last article, we showed you how to play pistol rounds more efficiently. But even with a victory, your entire team will not be able to make a full purchase in the second round. So, what should your next move be? How do you lead your team to victory with minimal risks and consequences? Let’s figure out how to win Valorant Force rounds.

Top 3 mistakes at Valorant force rounds

In order to understand «what to do,» you first need to know «what not to do.» And to help you do just that, we have compiled a best practice of Valorant force rounds for you. We hope you have fun with it!

Mistake #1

A player gets enough kills in the pistol round to buy a vandal or phantom in the second round. Feeling superior because he was lucky in the first round, he decides to buy an expensive weapon. Hmm, does that sound like you?

If you’re playing the next round and you see in the upper right corner of the screen that your ally has been killed while carrying a powerful weapon, your chances of victory will decrease considerably. Moreover, as a «bonus,» you will have a player with no credits in the next round, and an opponent with extra money and a weapon. This will increase your chances of defeat in the third round.

We aren’t saying that you can’t use a Vandal or Phantom in the second round. But the result of winning a round using one of these weapons needs to be carefully weighed against the negative impact of losing. To be successful at Valorant, the smartest players closely follow the professional players’ strategies and minimize risks.

Conclusion: Don’t buy expensive weapons in the second round!

Mistake #2

Players don’t buy anything at all. This usually happens after a loss in the pistol round. Hoping for a free pistol pick up when you’re up against players with weapons is optimistic, but it’s a losing strategy.

Any bought weapon in the «right situations» beats the Classic. What are we talking about? It’s all about distance. The Shorty is insanely good at taking a Vandal off the hands of that overconfident player from Mistake 1. All you have to do is hide and wait. The Stinger is generally our favorite for the second round, but it’s very different from the Specter. Don’t save your credits here. At the very least, you should buy a Frenzy as it will give you a better chance of winning the duel! And as to what limit to buy, we’ll discuss it below.

Conclusion: Don’t skimp on a weapon for your Valorant force rounds and try to use it well.

Mistake #3

Players spending all their money. When analyzing the current round, don’t forget about the result. For example, how do you answer the question:

What will happen if my team and I spend all our credits in the second round?

Even if you win the Valorant force round, your opponents will have a full purchase in the next round. It will be challenging for you to defeat them using your force guns. And if you lose in the second round, you won’t have any credits or weapons from the previous rounds.

For your second round purchase, you should find «the golden mean.» This will give you a weapon to use in this one and the following rounds.

Conclusion: Don’t waste all your credits in the second round.

Now that we clearly understand the top 3 mistakes at Valorant force rounds, let’s make it even clearer.

Round 1 Win

If you won the first round, the chances are that your opponents will only make small purchases (or none at all) in the Valorant force rounds. This means they will likely make a full purchase (full armor and a good weapon) in the third round.

Therefore, you will need to buy to be competitive in the third round, regardless of the second round’s result. Fortunately, you can see the minimum credits you will have in the next round. Remember that a Vandal or Phantom + Full Armor costs 3900 credits. So, you should consider the cost of your abilities and save the required credits for the third round.

It should be noted that this is the basic choice. Also, you should discuss your economy with your team. To explain, here is a simple example: one or two players can buy more in the second round to increase their chances of winning the Valorant force rounds (e.g., full armor with SMG). In this case, they will play the second line in the third round because there may not be enough credits for a full purchase. These players will have to wait for a weapon to be dropped by the enemy or an ally. This is one of the trickier strategies, but we’ll talk about it later!

Round 1 Loss

If you are defeated in the first round, you should definitely keep your 3900 credits + abilities for the third round. You can make a full buy, but as mentioned above, it will be difficult to compete with an opponent who has rifles, especially if you have an SMG in your hands. If your opponent made a full buy in the second round, he would likely keep his weapon for the third round as well. And you’ll be ready for it as their SMGs will now be up against your rifles.

A large study and modeling of various scenarios has led us to a laconic answer to the question:

How to win Valorant Force rounds?

The answer is very simple:

In the second round, ALWAYS buy so that you have 3900 credits + required abilities in the next round. Just as in the pistol round, you should consider your position and the strengths of the weapons you have acquired.

And that’s it! Hopefully this will make the game more enjoyable for you. Let us know what you think about our Valorant force rounds guide in the comments below. See you later!

By kally0ne

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maxizrey Окт 27, 2020

 Great guide! but does heavy armor reduce headshot damage too? or it’s just extra HP, not damage reduction?