Leaks reveal Valorant penalty for AFK players and bonus points for performing well in Patch 2.01

With Valorant’s current Episode 2 Act 1 having commenced on January 12, 2021, we’ve already seen the new Agent Yoru, Patch 2.01, major changes to Split, and Jett’s smokes nerfed. But as it turns out, these are most likely not all the changes that we’ll be seeing in Act 1. It seems that Riot Games have the new Valorant penalty for AFK players.

The issue of AFK players in Valorant is still a concern for the community, and players have repeatedly appealed to the developers to increase punishments for AFK players. For those who don’t already know, AFK is an acronym that stands for «away from keyboard.» It commonly refers to players who are not at their computer during a match and who don’t participate in gameplay for an extended period of time.Okay, let’s get to the point.

Leaks reveal new Valorant penalty for AFK players

According to Valorant leaks on Twitter, players can now lose points for going AFK or earn bonus points based on their performance in ranked mode.

Here’s what the new leaked code strings look like:

New Valorant penalty for afk players
  • «RankedRatingPerformanceBonus»: 0
  • «AFKPenalty»: 0

So, it seems in order to reduce the number of players going AFK in-game, Valorant is changing the penalty in a ranked queue, which implies losing points or earning bonus points. But at the same time, this new Valorant penalty for AFK players will track how well the servers were working at that moment so as not to punish the player who had problems with their game connection.

Riot Games has already introduced some penalties for AFK players:

Previously, players’ ratings only decreased or increased based on the final match score. And the main punishment for AFK players was timed queue restrictions.

Overall, if these Valorant leaks turn out to be real, I guess that losing points is a fitting penalty for going AFK. But the fact that you can earn bonus points based on good performance in ranked matches is even better. Such a system may also encourage players to perform better to earn bonus points.

So, to all the diligent players, I hope you will have more worthy allies and rivals, and less negativity and toxicity in your games. Remember that Valorant is primarily a team game, and in order to get a high rating, you need to find common ground with your team.

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