The Best Valorant Agents for Lurker Role in Valorant — Guide & Tactics | How to Lurk in Valorant

We’re starting a new series of guides about Valorant roles. And the first of these roles that we’ll be looking at is the Valorant Lurker.

What is lurking in Valorant?

The Lurker is the complete opposite of the Entry Fragger in Valorant.

During an attack by his team on a bombsite, a lurker will silently move into another part of a map, then seizing the moment, target the enemy from behind. These kinds of unexpected moves are a great way to catch the defense off guard when they’re rotating. The Valorant lurker role is assigned to a player who keeps their distance from the rest of the team, forcing opponents to split into two fronts and divert attention away from the main exit to their current position.

Agents such as Cypher or Killjoy are best suited for this role because they are not needed for a rush on a bombsite.

The lurker’s tasks:

  • Gather information;
  • Contain aggressive enemies;
  • Not die.

Lurkers may also be tasked with entry fragging, but we’ll cover that later.

How do you lurk?

There are three ways of playing as a lurker in Valorant:

  • Passive;
  • Passive-aggressive;
  • Aggressive.

Passive lurking style

The lurker takes up a distant position away from the rest of his team. For example, A Garden on the Haven map (screenshot above). When playing this role, it’s crucial that you DO NOT die. Teams often use this style when their opponents are playing an eco round.

Passive-aggressive lurking style

In addition to the three main tasks mentioned above, the passive-aggressive style also requires the player to entry frag at times. For example, on the Haven map, you can create a cage on C Long and place a camera in A Short. This way, you can see A Short and protect yourself from opponents using C Long. The pro teams often use this tactic.

Aggressive lurking style

Staying alive isn’t easy for the lurker using this style as they are required to entry frag whenever possible. For example, on the Haven map, you can create a cage at A Long, then move to the further part where this point starts. You’re likely to encounter an opponent there who you will need to kill. If you win this duel, the round is yours. This tactic is used by teams who are losing rounds, and they need to take risks.

The lurker is one of the most important shooter roles.

It can affect the outcome of a round even in situations where a side is outnumbered 2 vs. 4, 3 vs. 5, and so on.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to lurk in Valorant and that you found it helpful. See you next time!

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Вадим Паклин Ноя 12, 2020

Thanks! I love an aggressive game alone, now it became clearer how to do it correctly

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I like this article and genius

weeb of romance Ноя 7, 2020

Lurking is not giving you that much of a advantage, you could be going by yourself to like for instance B site and your team is in the other site and suddenly the whole team pops up to B site and boom you’re dead.

raj manhas Ноя 6, 2020


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Thank you for the guide ^^
It will help me a lot for my rank game !

ICE_DI Ноя 6, 2020

You’re welcome!
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Thank you, we try.

agustus agustus Ноя 5, 2020

Good article

Lucas Grisan Ноя 4, 2020

I think a good lurk is the most frustrating player to play against. It tilts me the quickest because while necessary they don’t typically play with their team, and also at lower levels they tend to get pick as often as they get a pick.