Major Valorant Split Changes and Jett smoke nerfed in Patch 2.01

It has been only a week since the release of Episode II of Valorant, and we have another update! If this update would be only a hotfix for bugs and quality of life improvements, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. However, the new patch introduces some major changes. The two major highlights for this patch are a major Valorant Split changes, and a slight nerf to Valorant Agent Jett. Without further ado, let us dive into these updates to uncover the details.

Valorant Split Changes

When Split was first released, it was one of the most flawed maps in Valorant with a plethora of design problems. It relied too heavily on artificial angles created in hallways by odd cubby areas, and it had bomb sites far too open. This leads to painfully slow transitions from one site to another.

Here are the Major Valorant Split changes and their potential effects of gameplay:

✅Increased the width of the B Main doorway

This change should allow attackers on Split more room to navigate into B site without bottlenecking players. Also, a cub was put in the passage. This was done to give the attackers a much-needed advantage. Now the attackers can peek and glance at the hand from a better perspective. In addition to that, the larger passage and the box would allow the site to use abilities. It would also help to search the deep corners found right at the end of the B main passage by widening the route.

✅Increased the width in Vent Room entrance / added sloped wall

Defenders can no longer hide on the right side of the Vent Room which has now been widened and had a sloped wall added in Valorant Split changes Patch 2.01.

✅Increased width of the doorway to A Heaven/reduced defender safety

This change favours attackers pushing up through A Ramps and forces defenders to play from a different angle in Heaven. Valorant devs have eased out on the deep corner present at this spot. This will make it easier for the Attackers to take control of the mid, as well as the Vent room.

✅The Ramen area has also been modified into a more spacious area.

Introducing this change made a lot of room for the Valorant Attackers queuing up for an attack via mid. The addition might’ve also added a slight advantage to the aggressive defenders. 

Jett smoke nerfed

The smoke period of Jett was lowered from 7 seconds to just 4.5 seconds. This development follows in reaction to the latest smoke alterations into all agents. Recently, Brimstone’s smokes were given a buff by giving him more of the map to access. 

The smoke speed of Omen was also significantly diminished, making it take him more time to position them. In comparison, Jett’s going to have a tougher time playing with her smokes now, when they are only going to be up for 4.5 seconds.

In the last patch, Riot addressed the controllers, Nerfing Omen and Buffing Brimstone. Jett, however, is a leading duelist who often uses smoke, making her position unclear. But with this update, it has become clear that whale being in a different category, the ability of smoke itself has been the key aspect of this change causing Jett to be affected too.

📢The developers highlighted:

“This is part of a pattern of Duelists superseding more utility-focused Agents that we will continue to look at in the future. It’s important that Jett can use her smokes to create temporary windows for the high action plays that define her style, but those windows need to be brief enough to ensure that Controllers are where teams look for team-focused vision blocking”


  • With the patch, players have the option to hide custom game results from their profile’s match history, as well as the removal of the ‘Add Friend’ button for opponents as well as streamers with their privacy mode activated.
  • The patch also introduces AFK forgiveness for a limited number of rounds reducing the worries of many players who regularly experience connectivity issues during the match.
  • Split’s overhaul is undoubtedly one of the game’s most anticipated updates and will make playing the map a lot more fun, especially for attackers.

Although character and weapon balance is critical, map balance also plays a major role in any shooter game. It is relieving to see that Riot has finally solved one of the community’s main issues. Introducing changes which the fans approve of symbolizes the continual support of Riot and that it is striving to make the game enjoyable while sustaining its competitive integrity.

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