Michael «Shroud» is back on Twitch  with over 500,000 active viewers

A former CS:GO and PUBG pro player, Michael «Shroud» Grzesiek started playing Valorant and stream it on Twitch after a six-month absence.

Nearly 340,000 viewers showed up before the stream even officially started.

On 11 August, Shroud announced his return on Twitch.

And before that, he was streaming only on Mixer from October 2019 to July 2020, but Microsoft chose to shut down the platform and partner with Facebook Gaming.

Besides, as rumor has it, the new platform offered to double payments under Mike’s contract, but he refused.

You can watch the stream below:


Shroud is currently responsible for more than 80 percent of the viewership of Valorant, which is now sitting at the top of the most-viewed Twitch charts.

In just 7 hours of stream, 254.1 thousand people subscribed to the Shroud channel, and 16.5 thousand for new subscriptions.
The stream was watched by nearly 3 million unique viewers.

Tyler ‘Ninja” Blevins is another high-profile departure, since he left Mixer, Blevins has streamed on both YouTube and Twitch.

In his best days, Ninja peaked at around 100,000 viewers on Twitch and 167k viewers on his «first» YouTube Fortnite stream.


Previously Ninja tweeted that VALORANT’s ranked system is “unbelievably toxic”.

But now he mention such amazing improvement and understanding of tac FPS.

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