More weapons and new mechanics in Valorant — are they needed?

We’re used to getting a new agent with every new act and a map with new episodes. But what about more global changes, like new weapons or new mechanics in Valorant? The developers have said that there will be more than 60 agents in the game, but nothing has been mentioned about weapons and, of course, the new mechanics in Valorant. But does Valorant really need these kinds of innovations?

Will new guns be added in Valorant?

If you are looking forward to the addition of new weapons to the game, we’re sorry to have to tell you that Riot has said they have no plans to add new weapons, as they are intended to be the most static part of the game. In other words, new weapons will only be added if the developer finds a «gap» in the gameplay that can be filled by adding other weapons. This means that the game’s development will be more dependent on the addition of new agents. (Anna Donlon is the executive producer of Valorant.)

Why are there so few weapons in Valorant?

Valorant right mouse button |Best Gun for Secondary Fire

Riot believes they have now achieved the perfect balance of weapons in Valorant. Since weapons are the main feature of FPS games, they are naturally prime targets for rebalancing. So why should they make changes if everything is working well? Riot also mentioned that any rebalancing would be done by changing and adding agents, not weapons. It’s quite clear that Riot regards the agents’ abilities as the main feature of the game and not the variety of weapons (as in CS).

Also, it’s very difficult to invent a new weapon — even the players can’t seem to come up with any really good ideas. Most of them simply suggest copying weapons from CS: GO or modified versions of existing ones.

What about new mechanics?

In contrast to weapons, each new agent and map introduces a large number of new mechanics in Valorant. The game doesn’t even have a single identical flashbang — each new one has different mechanics.

But what about single ones?

Here things are a little more complicated. Almost all single changes are bug fixes or improvements to agents’ mechanics and not additions to existing ones. But mechanics are not limited to agents. So what about others that relate directly to the game and not to the characters?

Regarding the addition of new mechanics to the game, Riot said, «Episodes will provide Riot with a chance to make larger changes to Valorant including the addition of new mechanics.» All we can gather from this is that we should not expect new mechanics to be added frequently.

Players’ most wanted new mechanics in Valorant

Although we should not expect any new mechanics anytime soon, Valorant players have suggested some rather good ideas.

  • Players have also suggested Jett and Brimstone’s smokes being able to extinguish molotovs.
  • Many players want to make the game more confidential. For example, why not add an option to hide your online status from friends?

It’s hard not to notice the huge number of suggestions for changes to the ranking system (Riot is aware of the ranking system issues and we can definitely expect changes in future updates).


And so, in a nutshell: we shouldn’t expect any new weapons in the near future since Valorant can do without them for now. And while new mechanics in Valorant may be introduced, their scale has not yet been defined.

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