New Valorant agent 14 | Episode 2 Act 1 Release Date, Battle Pass & Gun Buddies

New Valorant agent 14 ‘Stealth’

In the new Valorant patch 1.14, we found a folder with some files for the new agent that are codenamed JLATTE «Jhons Latte». There are already some of his sounds, which you can listen to if you go to the IceBox map for the defense. There will be more about this below.

We also already have a silhouette of the new agent after Riot Games published a link in collaboration with Amazon. The new agent’s silhouette is on the home page, behind the Valorant logo. You can tell from the silhouette that new Valorant agent is a man, although it’s not clear whether he is a radiant or not.

New Valorant agent 14 'Stealth' silhouette
New Valorant agent silhouette

Agent’s color scheme

A player entered their game on the IceBox map and noticed something interesting that most likely has to do with the new agent. These are some kind of footsteps. The agent will most likely have Omen’s black and blue color scheme. And the tracks look like invisible footsteps. It looks like he’s coming out of invisibility.

New Valorant agent 14 'Stealth' color scheme

Full video:

At the end of the 2nd Act, an agent codenamed Stealth was found in the files, which was deleted after a while. According to the files, his ultimate created a field where you and your allies were invisible. I think it was postponed until a later episode. The files were removed, and Skye was added to the game.

Will the new Valorant agent be a samurai?

When the IceBox map was introduced to the game, everyone assumed that the new Valorant agent would be a samurai. The Easter egg with the invisible steps was also found on the IceBox map. This confirms that the new agent is most likely a samurai, although the silhouette is not very samurai-like.

The level 48 card in the Battle Pass, which usually refers us to future agents, shows a soldier’s badge with the inscription Memento Mori (Remember Death). I don’t know where this inscription leads us, but the hourglass hanging next to it probably tells us that this agent can control time. It is not yet clear what the inscription means, but it is assumed that the agent will be able to revive allies.  How the player card and the samurai are connected is also not entirely clear.

Memento Mori - The level 48 card in the Battle Pass

Bottom line: The new Valorant agent will be male, and judging by his invisibility, he will be a controller. His color scheme is likely to be black and blue. So far, it’s not clear what abilities the player card for level 48 of the Battle Pass refers to.

When will new Valorant Agent 14 be released? 

The developers are teasing the new Valorant agent 14 directly in the game itself a month before the second episode.

Episode 2 Act 1 Valorant

In the new episode 2 act 1 Valorant, Gun buddies with ranks will be added.

Gun buddies with ranks Episode 2 Act 1 Valorant
Valorant Gun buddies

You will be given a gun buddy with your highest rank achieved in the ranked game. It is not known yet whether you will receive two Valorant gun buddies or one, and if gun buddies will be given for past ranks. That is, if you have reached diamond rank, will you be given additional platinum, gold, silver, etc.? We will find out in the future.

New skin collections for the Episode 2 Act 1 Valorant

Data miners have unearthed images of some new skins.

Phantom from the Blueberry collection:

Phantom from the Blueberry collection

It looks more like an unreleased recolor from the ION collection.

Judge from another collection with the assumed name Outpost:

Judge from another collection with the assumed name Outpost

Most likely will be going to the Battle Pass since it is just a coloring.

Operator from the Megapunk collection:

Operator from the Megapunk collection

This skin also features a sticker from the player card in the Battle Pass. It may also appear in the Battle Pass due to its minimalist design:

Battle Pass player card

Gun buddy from an unknown collection:

Gun buddy Episode 2 Act 1 Valorant
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Zak Shnider Дек 17, 2020

I unfortunately do not understand why these ganbuddies are needed. They distract from the shooting

Roman Karfarov Дек 16, 2020

His silhouette looks nothing like Samurai

Mad Destroyer Дек 15, 2020

I can’t wait to play this agent. Act 1 is gonna be cool

Zak Shnider Дек 15, 2020

I would like the new agent to be more «tanky», for example, with a transparent shield that cannot be shot through.