New Valorant Agent 14 | Latest Stealthed Duelist Leaks

Details of the release

The community is getting  yet another agent, soon the new Valorant agent 14 will be amongst us. But before that let’s dive into the details of the release. Hype in the Valorant community is on the rise as we move closer towards the end of Episode 1 Act III on the 11th of January, and the start of a new Act, rather a whole new Episode.

Upon conclusion of Act III, the game will transition to a new Episode which will bring some unprecedented changes. Normally each new act usually signals the release of a new Agent, like Killjoy in Act II and Skye in Act III. Having a new episode won’t mean the end of this tradition, with teasers on the upcoming agent already flowing in from various sources which we will explore in the article below. 

New Valorant agent Shatter has exploding clone, more abilities
New Valorant agent 14

Official Riot Games’ social handles, a hidden image on Instagram, and game files revealed teases on the new Valorant agent 14. Initial teases began with Riot unexpectedly releasing a desktop wallpaper with a man’s silhouette beside Valorant’s trademark numbering. In addition to having a secret picture on Valorant Instagram’s account, data miners also found sound effects for the agent in the files shortly afterwards.

Image by Riot Games

The initials YRU, PHX (Phoenix), VPR (Viper) and KJY (Killjoy) were present in a recent picture of Riot Games in the same sequence. Many have hypothesized that the unknown initials are none other than the new Valorant agent 14. 

What do we know about the new Valorant Agent 14?

The developer for Riot, John Goscicki, shows that Valorant’s next Agent is a duelist, but one that is more sneaky than the rest. There are currently four duelists in the game: Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, and Raze. The duelist class aims to be aggressive and take one on one fights with opponents. 


Recently, the Valorant Brazil account uploaded a video about how Riot Games plans to deploy updates consistently in 2021 by executive producer Anna Donlon and senior producer Arnar Gylfason. A potential look of the new Valorant Agent 14 was revealed in the gameplay footage of the video. In the video, a strange-looking character’s sprite was featured alongside the other Agents. A single image has stirred up hype in the entire community like never before.  

What is his name?

Once the data files were decrypted a name of new Valorant agent 14 began to surface, Shatter. Since nothing’s official in the name aspect so at the moment, the 14th Agent is being referred to as Shatter. 

How does he look?

Apart from the sound files, a 2d Texture has also been found in the encrypted game files by the Data Miners. If you pair the image below with the head from the dev video, its easy to piece his appearance. His clothing is identical to Omen and Reyna, both of which dressed in Purple seem to be related in the storyline with Shatter too now joining the Valorant forces. 


When will the 14th Agent be released?

With the days closing in on Act III, fans don’t have to wait for more as the 2nd Episode of Valorant will start most probably on Valorant WWFEST on 15th January 2021.

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Zak Shnider Дек 28, 2020

I’m waiting for the number of agents to become 148)) as in LOL