New Valorant maps expected to come sooner following Icebox’s release

The limited number of playable maps in Valorant has been a hot topic of debate for many months since its launch. Riot Games has previously stated that new Valorant maps would only be added to the game with each new episode. Which happens at six-month intervals. However, the latest news suggests they are planning to add two new Valorant maps sooner than expected.

The game was launched earlier this year. With only three Valorant maps:

Bind, Haven, and Split. Ascent was added on June 2 and Icebox last month in October. Senior Producer Dexter Yu said:

«We take community requests seriously,» and given the early criticism of the game’s limited choice of maps, Riot Games directed its development team to focus on creating new maps, making it a top priority over other types of content.

In a short interview with pro player Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Canellas, Game Director Joe Ziegler said: «We don’t have enough Valorant maps right now, we’ll be the first to admit it.»

That said, Riot is «trying to accelerate the next few maps.» The original schedule has been overhauled to keep up with community demand worldwide.

«We feel like getting to seven is a good starting point,» Ziegler added. He thinks this number would establish a solid foundation to then consider a map pick/ban system. «Once we get past that, we can begin really thinking if we’re going to leave maps out of the competitive map pool,» said Ziegler.

With seven maps in the map pool, Valorant’s competitiveness
could benefit considerably!

Best of five matchups could avoid doubling up on some Valorant maps. Not to mention the ranked playlist could see more strategy before Agent lineups are even picked.

«Right now we’re sort of thinking about how do we get to the point of having about seven. Just to start off that conversation.» Ziegler didn’t provide any further details on a specific timeline for the two additional Valorant maps, but they’re coming, and coming soon.

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