New Valorant skins and their prices: Tiers, Images, Info

Riot just announced new Valorant skins to get us all in the winter holiday season and although Riot does tend to mess up when it comes to balancing, community drama, business decisions, and map design, they always look good doing it. These skins are a must-have for any Valorant enthusiast especially if you spend more time looking at your gun then looking down the weapon sights. The skins aren’t going to be available until the next major update, so until then we’ll just have to look on with envy.

❔How much do the new Valorant skins cost?

◽Valorant Winter Wonderland skins

The new Winter Wonderland skins will run you 1,275 VP per gun skin, with the melee weapon costing 2,550 VP. If you want to bundle them all together, then it only costs 5,100 VP. The Winter Wonderland skins skins can be applied to the Ghost, Marshal, Phantom, Vandal, and Melee weapon.

New Valorant skins Winter Wonderland bundle

The gun skins depict a small snowed-in village with Christmas lights, and citizens frolicking in the town center. Although the art is pretty on its own, the skin actually changes from day to night based on the brightness of the map around you! At night the Northern Lights are visible, and during the day a cold blue-grey sky hovers menacingly above the town.

◽Valorant Sensation skin bundle

Valorant Sensation skin bundle looks like ribbons spun all around the weapon and although the colors are quite capturing, there could definitely be a little more pizzaz given how extravagant the other skins look. These skins are actually already available for 2,930 VP (about $30). 

New Valorant skins Sensation bundle

◽Valorant BlastX skins

The new Valorant BlastX skins are reminiscent of Nerf guns, or any other toy blaster, with bright orange tips and purple and lime green highlights. They come in a few different varieties, with purple, white, yellow, or black as base tones. That being said, the most striking part of the BlastX skin line though is the unique kill animation, where the killed player is boxed up neatly and disappeared (see below).

Also, remember that any VP you buy will be refunded after the full release of the game, plus an additional 20% to however much you’ve bought. So for example if you buy 100VP you’ll receive 120VP at the full release.

New Valorant skins BlastX bundle

These skins could be having you asking a few questions.

❔Can I get free Valorant skins?

Well, no, you can’t get Valorant skins for free. Although there could be events in the future where you could earn VP, or skins by completing challenges, no current system is in place to do so.

❔Can I gift Valorant skins?

All these great gifts just in time for the holidays! Except, not, you can’t gift Valorant skins. Valorant is rumored to be getting a skin gifting system (most likely as League of Legends has one) but currently you can only buy VP gift cards for your friends.

❔How can I level up my skins?

To level up your skins you can choose to either buy a higher level to increase the visual effects on your skin (reload animation, skin animation, and kill animation) or complete battle pass challenges for Radianite points to spend on leveling the skins up. It takes about 10 points for each level, but the price can vary.

❔Where can I buy Valorant skins?

For now, the only place you’re able to purchase these skins is the in-game store but in the future, there could be websites set up to purchase older, or discounted skins from a third-party.

These skins continue the impressive precedent that Riot has already set for themselves, and if they continue to produce such fantastic looking skins, that could be enough to bring some Fortnite or CS:GO players to play Valorant.

Ultimately though, it isn’t how the game looks, but how it plays that will dictate how well the community grows—as we can see with games like TF2 and CS:Source—so hopefully Riot will start putting as much time and effort into the balance and feel of the game as they put into the art style.

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Zak Shnider Дек 21, 2020

Very bright colorful skins. The only thing you cannot enjoy this beauty if this gun is in the hands of the enemy. Not enough time)))