New Year’s Giveaway winners and results!

Hello Agents! ⛄

Over the past week, we’ve asked you to share your opinion about our website, and what would you like to see on our site that it make it worth your while to visit at least once a week or to recommend us to your friends. Overall we had 558 responders with fun and exciting ideas that are a pleasure to read. We’ve read them all in detail and noted them down. We admire your meaningful ideas so much, you are all so creative! Our team at TopRadiant would like to thank you dearly for your ideas for TopRadiant, and we will do our best to implement your ideas to life & improve upon what we have achieved so far. In terms of unique statistics, yes, it’s long overdue!

We’re glad to say folks want to see personal TopRadiant accounts with unique game statistics and holding tournaments! That’s what we’ll keep doing! We’ll try to do our best here! That’s exactly what we’ll focus on in 2021 and do our best to surprise you even more!

Without further ado… First of all, we sorted all the feedback that met our rules, then we handpicked the best 3 valuable feedback forms and selected 5 winners via

The winners are:

🎁 5025 VP

🎁 2450 VP

🎁 1000 VP

Please contact us via instagram / twitter or [email protected] to claim your Valorant Points.

May you all have a happy and prosperous 2021! 🙏 Welcome to TopRadiant, and let’s bring your friends up here to make the Valorant community better together!

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