One more time about agents in VALORANT

The main highlight of Valorant is its agents. Unlike Counter Strike, a lot depends on the choice of the hero in the confrontation between the two teams. In this context, the project is more like Dota2. Therefore, each player must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the main agents in order to think through the attack and defense on the map.
What agents are there and what can they provide to the gamer? Let’s consider in detail.


Obviously one of the top heroes in the Valorant universe. This agent, as a rule, is chosen for defensive actions, but in many games he showed himself well in attack. Sage is capable of creating slowing spheres and barriers that overlap certain areas on the map, slowing down enemy actions. Also, for both sides, the agent’s ability to heal his teammates is important. As a result, this is the most demanded character, both on the professional scene and among amateurs.


Not the most unambiguous character in the Valorant Universe. As a rule, it is «picked» by middle-class players. At the same time, it is good for both defense and attack. Among the abilities — «Sky Smoke» (covers the area with thick smoke), «Incendiary Grenade» and «Orbital Strike». The most controversial skill of the hero is the «Stimulator», thanks to which you can win an incredible clutch, or lose a round you have already won.


The agent chosen by gamers who put emphasis in favor of protection on a particular map. Thanks to the camera, he can observe the area of ​​approach to the point of planting the bomb. «Stretch» also plays an important role in defensive actions, because it will instantly betray the enemy, who will have to shoot at it to gain freedom. Thanks to the Cybercage, the agent has the ability to slow down opponents, which is very important in the case of defensive tactics. However, many professionals and skill players abandon the hero due to his uselessness in attacking tactics.


A character that is ideal for professional teams or ordinary players who work in a stack. Indeed, the advantages of this agent are fully revealed only with the cohesive actions of all players. If we talk about skills, «Shock Arrow» and «Reconnaissance» are definitely useful. With the help of them, Sova can detect rivals when approaching the laying point, and also deprive them of the lion’s share of their health. On the other hand, a combat drone, as a rule, is extremely unprofitable to use, because its range of action is minimized, but at the same time, the player can give out his position.


Only gamers with a high individual level of play are capable of competently using this agent. And if the «dark cover» and «hidden step» benefit almost all users, then «paranoia» for most of them is an unnecessary skill. Most often, it is used for offensive actions. You can be sure that if Omen took a weak player, then the chances of winning are minimal.


An agent used by players with completely different skill levels. Perhaps, in terms of its potential, this is the most promising character in the Universe. The most beneficial ability is the «Cluster grenade», capable of causing significant damage to the enemy on both sides. Do not forget about the «Explosive knapsack», thanks to which you can rise in the air and find enemies on the map.


Favorite character for most newbies due to its intuitive abilities. However, the lion’s share of professionals refuse to pick this agent due to the low efficiency of skills. «Twisted serve» and «Inferno» have a common problem — limited time and territory. In turn, «Hot Hands» will allow you to heal the character, which is sometimes extremely important.


An agent that is ideal for players with high gaming skills. Already from the name it becomes obvious that her skills are associated with «poisons». However, the amount of toxins is limited, and therefore in the case of a primitive approach to their use, you can harm not only yourself, but the whole team.


Perhaps the worst option for newcomers to the Valorant game. After all, all the skills of this agent are quite difficult to use, thus the enemies are able to competently dodge the actions of the abilities at the right time.
It doesn’t matter what the player chooses — «Blinding Charge», «Trample» or «Fissure» — the opponent will definitely learn about the position of Breach, thereby gaining the opportunity to change the vector of attack or defense.


The character that is least used by players at any level — professional or amateur. This is due to the fact that this agent in Valorant is easy enough to kill. All skills, and especially «Tailwind» and «Rise» give an understanding of the opponent about the location of the hero, thereby reducing the chance of victory, or a clutch.

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