Operator Valorant Guide: Movements, Shooting, Lifehacks

If you want to make fantastic frags with Valorant Operator, so that your opponents would say: Don’t go to mid, there is a tough sniper, then this article is for you.

But we’ll warn you as well: If you want to play the Operator well, you will need more than one hundred hours of training.


The first thing you need to learn is if you want to be fully accurate you have to be standing when you take the shot. Even if you sit down and start moving, your shot still will not be accurate. In order to play mobile with a sniper rifle you need to know the skill of strafe and counter-strafe.

There are some tips about movements in Valorant.

You can practice counter-strafing in the practice range mode. By using Sage, you can place a wall and get out of it by shooting bots. It is always advisable to aim at the body, so there is a greater chance that you will have a completely accurate shot.

Playing on the defensive site

The positioning of the crosshair and the ability to «flick» is very important here.

There are two positions you should to aim:

On the picking: when the opponent on a short strafe is trying to find out where you are or to bait you for a shot. Then you should aim at the wall or a little to the side of it and wait;

Running on the long strafe: If you were looking at the check position then you have to flick i.e. rapidly aim at the enemy model.

Playing on the attacker site

It is very important to reach the enemy with prefire, i.e. you analyze where the player may be and aim at this position. You need to know the map well for this, but if you master this skill, it will be impossible for the enemy to react.

In case you have got the information that the enemy is hiding in a specific place, then you should check this position by pressing Shift using a single zoom. You can also check out all the corners using short strafes but be careful if the enemy’s team has an Operator and you are seen by him, you will die.


This is a kind of shooting when you open the scope and immediately shoot, but if you do not get into the timing, the game will not count it as a zoom shooting. A quick aim is really important here.


You should never stand in one place using the Operator, you have to move and check different positions. If you see the enemy you should wait 5 seconds and leave him if he didn’t show up.


Play as Jett with Operator, it’s the best agent to use the Operator. If you didn’t shoot an enemy you can easily leave the position.

You can use different one way smokes or jump to different high up places as well.

Hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you learn how to use the Operator.

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