Pistol rounds: What to buy during Valorant pistols round?

Valorant pistols round purchase

The importance of the Valorant pistols round is greatly underestimated. Winning the first Valorant rounds of a match, and the first round of the second half, gives a team an advantage and positively affects its economy. This is why the Valorant pistols round is a really key part of the game.

It’s not without reason that most of the top professional teams in Valorant’s pro-scene fiercely battle to win the Valorant pistols rounds, competing with the Classic, and saving money. But pro players buy in the first round as well. This means that besides good shooting and working together as a tight-knit team, making the right purchases will improve your chances of victory in the Valorant pistols round.

You should be aware that purchases will always vary depending on the map, agents, and playing style of your team. So, let’s first look at the pros and cons of each pistol.


valorant weapon classic

This pistol’s main advantage is that it is free and can be effective in medium-close range. But the Classic will not kill your opponent with a single headshot, and there may not be a chance for a second shot. 

So, in which situations should you use the Сlassic?

  • If you are playing in the second line and can pick up a weapon dropped by your opponent.
  • If the map doesn’t allow for long-range gunfights (yes, the Classic is a bit flawed, besides its lethal force decreasing with distance).


This pistol, so to speak, is suitable for exceptional situations. Due to its small magazine and close-shooting technique, the Shorty is best suited for waiting around corners to blast your opponents from a very close range. But if the enemy gets away unexpectedly, moving around on the map can be challenging for players using the Shorty. If you use this pistol out in the open, you’ll be a sitting duck and an easy hit from medium to long ranges.

Tip: If you decide to play with the Shorty, buy it and drop it on the ground, and pick up your Classic again. Then pick up the Shorty when the barriers phase falls. In this way, the Classic will remain on the ground and won’t disappear. You can pick it up and help the team on the other flank if no one comes to you.

P.S.: Needless to say, the Shorty is only used for defense (except on rare occasions) * You can watch the video here:


You can think of this pistol as a rapid-fire Classic. For the Frenzy’s low price, its poor aiming can be overlooked, but it still loses in long-range gunfights. This pistol is ideal for non-professional players, but just remember to save ammo! 


So we come to the favorite pistol of most players at all skill levels. The Ghost’s magazine capacity, accuracy, and damage make it a favorite for Valorant pistol rounds. This pistol can kill an opponent without armor with a single headshot, and given that most Valorant players try to get headshots, it is a super useful weapon.

But if you look at it objectively, the Ghost will usually lose against the Frenzy in close combat. And in ranged combat, the Sheriff is even stronger. However, your shooting skills are far more important than a pistol’s stats. So going with either the Classic or Ghost on the pistol round is your call.


Players very rarely buy this weapon in the Valorant pistol rounds. Regardless, some professional gamers on the pro-scene prefer to run with the Sheriff. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

First, the damage it inflicts hardly changes with distance. This means that a single accurate headshot will ensure victory in a firefight at any distance, regardless of the enemy’s armor (we’re talking about the Valorant pistol rounds).

Also, only 2-3 body shots are needed to eliminate an enemy. Its fire rate is much slower than the other Valorant pistols—it can fire four rounds per second—but with such lethal damage, it is well-balanced.

On the whole, the Sheriff is not in a league of its own when you compare it to the other pistols. However, it is by far the most expensive weapon, so we’d suggest carefully considering whether it’s worth buying it in the pistols round.

Armor and abilities

To us, it’s an open-and-shut case:

  • Armor will allow you to live a little longer in skirmishes (and not die from being shot in the head with a Ghost, which is an important point).
  • Abilities will increase your chances of winning the pistol Valorant rounds. Some restraining abilities, such as walls or Molotovs, can be super useful against fast-moving enemies.

So the big question is: What exactly should you buy during the Valorant pistols round?

1. Decide where you are going to play

First, decide for yourself and the team where you are going to play. For example, the Classic is not suitable for mid-shootouts on Ascent. Consider the possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for you and your opponents.

2. Abilities

Next, think about abilities. For example, zoning some positions with smokes and molotovs will be more useful for the team and winning the round than buying a Sheriff without abilities and only relying on your aiming. Always remember your team role.


It is more important for attacking players to have armor and a good weapon. Only the Classic, Shorty, and Frenzy can be purchased in combination with armor. If you decide to buy the Frenzy, you won’t have any money left for armor.

For attackers, it is more important to have abilities because they can pick up a pistol from an ally or enemy.

A defender’s main objective is to prevent the attackers from planting the spike. Do it with a powerful weapon or agent abilities—it’s up to you.

That’s all! Communicate further with your team and plan the Valorant rounds — and victory will be yours. You’ll then be on to the next Valorant rounds, and finally, a match victory will be yours in the end!

We showed you how to play pistol rounds more efficiently. But even with a victory, your entire team will not be able to make a full purchase in the second round.

So, what should your next move be?

How do you lead your team to victory with minimal risks and consequences?

Let’s figure out how to win Force Valorant rounds.

By kally0ne

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