Pro 9 tricks from the Pop Flash event

Trick 1.Picking Jett for checking the mid on Ascent

The Jett player AZK of Team T1 showed how to pick mid in an unexpected position on Ascent.

Watch now and get to know how you can perform this:

Trick 2. Recon Bolt for defense Plant A on Haven

At the Dignitas vs TSM match, «psalm» showed us an amazing arrow playing on the defense side at the Plant A.

Thanks to this arrow, if opponents have blocked your Plant with smoke, you will be able to check all the exits.

Trick 3. Recon Bolt for defense Long C on Haven

«psalm» showed us a lot of super useful arrows in this tournament. Here’s another one arrow for defense to immediately check long C.

Trick 4. The pick for Long B on the Bind map

At the Team Envy VS Sentinels match, «dapr» picked long B with Cypher’s fast camera.

Trick 5. Raze boombot ability for checking window B on the Bind map

The T1 vs Immortals match, «Asuna» showed us a super boombot that checks the entire window on B.

6. Shock Arrows for Plant C on Haven

At the Sentinels VS Team Envy match, «sinatraa» showed how to prevent planting and defusing a spike on Plant C.

7. Cypher cage for attack long A on Haven

A really incredibly valuable trick from «dephh» for planting Plant A.

8. Cypher cage for taking Plant A on Split

«C9 vice» from Cloud9 showed two cages. One cage was on the ramp and the other was on the main.

9. Imbalanced Recon Bolt on the Bind to the entrance from the Bath

If you throw smokey here you can be sure this round is in your pocket.

We hope all these tricks from pro players will improve your gameplay and give a big advantage in every Valorant match.

Would you like to start using these tricks or you have some other interesting strategies? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this article.

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