Pro tricks from the Blast Twitch Valorant Invitational

In this post we have compiled a selection of fresh tricks that we saw at the recently held Blast Twitch Valorant Invitational Tournament. Enjoy watching, and let us know which was your favorite trick in the comments below!

Killjoy turret on Ascent, site A

In a G2 vs NIP match at the Blast Twitch Valorant Invitational, pyth places the turret in an unexpected position. Simultaneously, she looks at all the entrances to site A.

Blast Twitch Valorant Invitational: Breach flash in A Main

Breach has been heavily buffed and is considered a new meta. Catch a stunning flash grenade, on early timings, in A Main on Heaven.

Blast Twitch Valorant Invitational: Killjoy ult on Haven, A and B site

A good place to install Killjoy’s Ultimate, which covers most A and B bombs, so you can easily enter or protect two sites at the same time.

Blast Twitch Valorant Invitational: Flashbang for Breach, toward A Ramp, on Split

An unexpected flash for a man playing on the ramp. If used successfully, you will have already occupied 60% of the A site.

How to silently check the entrance at nine

Shao shows how to silently check the entrance at nine on Split. It’s a good lifehack because your enemy won’t guess that you are checking it this way, even silently.

If you know the same locations, please add them in the comments.

Killjoy’s grenade toward CT exit, on Split

KRYPTIX throws a cool grenade at CT’s exit. It will help you recapture the plant more easily, whether it’s an attack or a retake.

Sova’s arrow toward the A site of Ascent

The arrow checks the person behind the iron box (electric) and behind the boxes of Radianite.

Camera toward B garden on Bind

We round out our selection of pro players’ strategies with a camera on B garden. It is invisible to enemies, but we can easily see everything through the leaves, and if we can’t see, the information is provided to us by the mini-map.

Observe, analyze, and memorize these tips. Practice them against your opponents, and see you on the battlefield, agent!

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