Professional VALORANT player TenZ of Cloud9 becomes first highest ranked Valorant player

Former CS:GO pro, Tyson “TenZ” has became the first North American player to earn the highest rank in Valorant, which is simply called “Valorant”.

TenZ has made a fantastic start to his new venture, becoming the very first player to reach the top rung of the rankings.

The official valorant Twitter handle also congratulated the Cloud9 member for his achievement.

In an interview with Redbull, C9 TenZ explains why he made the switch from CS:GO to Riot Games:

I’ve decided to go pro [in VALORANT] because when I was playing the beta, I realized I haven’t had as much fun as I was having in a long time,” TenZ said. “Although it might be seen as risky to switch games, I feel like the future of this game is very bright.

Valorant’s closed beta has been increasing in popularity since its release in the first part of April. Since then the developer team has been forthcoming with changes that players have wanted to see come to the game.

This week, developers introduced a Competitive Mode where players can earn their rank for matchmaking. As we had reported earlier, Riot Games announced a structure for the system, with different ranks and tiers. Valorant’s “rated” mode was released at the end of April for North America and Europe. The rated system features eight different rankings spanning from Iron (lowest) to Valorant (highest). Each tier of ranked also has three subsections.

They announced how the system would work and what would affect the players’ ranking and matchmaking. In simpler terms, the system would help users match up against similarly skilled players.

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