Riot Games considering slowing down the development of future Valorant updates

The latest Patch 1.11 release introduced a new agent Skye as well as a ton of new bugs into the game. As a result, it was subsequently rolled back by Riot Games.

Riot developers were quick to react and rolled back the update immediately.

In response to community questions, Senior Producer Arnar Gylfason has promised a «thorough investigation» into what went wrong. And mentioned a few reasons for the patch’s poor performance, including the need for «internal process improvements,» «philosophical changes,» and «investment in tooling and infrastructure» among others.

Will there be fewer Valorant

updates in the future?

Riot Games is considering slowing down the development of future Valorant updates, as Gylfason explains:

«We’ve been rigorously keeping to the two-week patch cadence since even before we started our Closed Beta. Even with the logistical challenges of working from home, the team has been—and continues being—incredibly passionate to get content and features out as quickly as possible, including moving up our maps release schedule. But it’s time to take a breath. And take stock of what we need to do internally to make sure that our efforts are sustainable and hitting the quality bar you, our players, deserve.»

This certainly sounds like Riot is considering moving away from their two-week update schedule. At least while the development team is working from home.

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