Riot Games official confirmation: Valorant console version is still in development

Valorant was officially released on PC worldwide in early June this year and became an instant success story following its impressive beta launch in April. From day one, only PC players could play and compete online in Valorant, but could the game work just as well with a controller as on a PC?

Although Valorant’s gameplay formula has been strictly designed for a keyboard and mouse, Riot Games keep teasing us with the possibility of bringing Valorant to modern consoles.

In a recent interview with US Gamer, Game Director Joe Ziegler confirmed that while the team has faced challenges in figuring out how to port to consoles, they haven’t given up just yet. The team is unsure if a port can emulate the same feel and precision that a mouse and keyboard undeniably provides to PC gamers.

Principal Engineer, Felipe Romero, said earlier this year, «Valorant is a game that requires precise aiming, responsive movement, recoil control, and being able to execute abilities in a limited amount of time.» And if you’ve ever played an FPS on a console, you will know how limited the aiming is.

FPS on a console

Can players control their aiming mechanics while they move around a map and use their superpowers? Or peek around a corner without the option to spam A+D on the controller? These are just some of the challenges facing the developers.

What about Valorant mobile? Can we expect a Valorant mobile version soon?

Don’t forget that consoles aren’t the only other platform Riot Games is considering. The most recent Patch 1.08 revealed some information about Valorant mobile after a new string of codes appeared in the game files following the update.

Popular first-person shooters haven’t shied away from mobile platforms in the past, and popular franchises such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty have stand-alone versions of their games on iOS and Android. However, a mobile version may be more challenging than a console port, as the touchscreen offers even less of the precision that Valorant requires.

Valorant on mobile

There’s no official confirmation that a mobile version is coming, but the chances are good that it might be happening soon!

Are you interested in playing Valorant on mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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