Riot reveals most picked Valorant agents per region, placing Jett and Sage on top

Riot Games has shared some exciting stats that reveal the most picked Valorant agents in the different regions. This information was posted on the official Valorant Twitter page.

Riot Games shared who the most popular Valorant agents currently are in 6 regions — Russia, US, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea, and Mexico. The developers did not give the full rating, but noted that Jett and Sage were the favorites of players worldwide.

According to the stats, only two agents took the honors of being named the top played agent in a region. Jett is most often picked in the US, Turkey, and South Korea. And Sage is the most popular agent in Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Jett’s status as one of the most picked Valorant agents in each region doesn’t shock anyone. She is a great agent and super mobile, especially in the professional scene.

But the fact that Sage is on an equal footing with Jett was a surprise for many players. This is because she was significantly nerfed in the Valorant 1.07 update. But at least three regions now prefer her over any other agent in the game.

Riot Games earlier revealed a new Icebox map for Valorant. The snow-covered location somewhere in a harsh tundra will become a new battlefield in the game when the map makes its appearance with the Act III release.

At the same time, regional leaderboards and a server selection function will be added to Valorant.

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