S1mple about Valorant: «This game is too easy for me.»

Natus Vincere sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev decided to return to Valorant for a short time after a long break and called the shooter too easy. In response to this, Astralis captain Lucas gla1ve Rossander jokingly asked the Ukrainian to choose any other game except CS: GO, because he is too good at it.

Alexander s1mple Kostylev:
“Today I want to play Valorant for a bit, should I start streaming? Haven’t played Valorant in a while, but this shooter is too easy for me. «

Lucas gla1ve Rossander:
«Please play something other than Counter-Strike so that we have any chances.»

S1mple has already played Valorant on stream, and has also commented on the shooter Riot Games shortly after the start of beta testing. Then Kostylev noted that the title resembles CS: GO in the mechanics of shooting and gives more variety through the abilities of the heroes. At the same time, the Ukrainian said that he did not plan to change the discipline.

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