Smurf problem in Valorant | What does smurf mean in Valorant? Why Riot has plans to stop smurfs in Valorant

Valorant is a highly-competitive first-person shooter game, designed and produced by Riot Games. And of course, as in other first-person shooter games, some players know every corner of the maps, every recoil of weapons, all the tactics, and movements. They have perfect cross-hair placements, meticulous agent management, and a quick reaction to what happens next.

Smurfs are very experienced players who play against low-ranked opponents to have fun or just because they have «nothing better to do». It’s a problem and should be discussed.

So, today we’re going to talk about the smurf problem in Valorant, what does smurf mean in Valorant, and why Riot has plans to stop smurfs in Valorant.

What is a smurf?

A smurf is a high-ranking player who, for some reason, doesn’t want to or cannot play with his peers, so he creates a new account with no rank (or a low rank) to play against inexperienced players in an online game.

Where does the word «smurf» come from?

«Smurf» is taken from the WarCraft 2 game and is also specifically related to the popular US cartoon series about little blue men called The Smurfs. Back in 1996, players gathered online to play Blizzard’s cult game. Two of those players were Joff «Shlongor» Fraser and Greg «Warp» Boyko. They were so good that no one wanted to compete with them, so it was very difficult for them to find opponents to play against (there was no automatic search for opponents at that time).

As a result, the two players had to create alternative accounts: FatherSmurf and Smurfette. Both players admitted they would convince their opponents that they were playing extremely poorly and then go on to destroy them.

Where did the smurfing concept come from?

This phenomenon has been around in the competitive gaming industry for a long time, but it really became popular with the advent of the legendary Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shooter series.

What does smurf mean in Valorant?

A smurf is a player who uses a second gaming account with a lower ranking while their main account is ranked much higher. Basically, they do this just for the fun of dominating weaker opponents. There are some players who smurf to create high-ranked accounts to sell and they are also called boosters. If you find yourself playing against a smurf or booster, you probably won’t see a big difference from the player’s point of view, but there is.

❓Why riot has plans to stop smurfs in Valorant?

Riot revealed how it currently deals with smurfs, and teased that the development team has other systems being developed to further help the smurf problem in Valorant.

Smurf problem in Valorant | What does smurf mean in Valorant? And why riot has plans to stop smurfs in Valorant
Photo from ASK VALORANT #10

How do you recognize a smurf player?

  1. If a low-ranking player uses any single weapon and kills the entire opposing team.
  2. If a player repeats this from round to round.

How do you identify a smurf?

It’s very easy to do on Steam. You need to go to his profile and look at two key stats: the account’s level and how many hours he’s played in the game. The Steam account level and the number of free games will reveal how much money he has invested in it. A level 1 or 2 account may indicate that you are not dealing with a novice. If he is highly skilled but has a low number of hours in the game, you very likely came up against a smurf. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to view a player’s in-game statistics without adding him as a friend, and he, in turn, will probably not accept your request anyway.

Why do players smurf?

Some experienced players get bored, or they find it difficult to compete with similarly high-ranked players. Therefore, it’s much more interesting and fun to play against weak and inexperienced beginners, because it’s very easy to defeat them.

Smurfs are very experienced players who play against low-ranked opponents to have fun or just because they have «nothing better to do». But in doing so, they prevent newcomers from advancing in the ranks and mastering the game. For the record, though, Valorant’s developers are trying to fight against these dishonest players who cause smurf problem in Valorant, and we are grateful for their efforts.

How do you fight back against a smurf and beat him?

So, let’s see which action you can take against smurf problem in Valorant:

Just stay calm.

The first thing to do is stay calm. Don’t be drawn into reacting to his superior skills or provocation, as this will deprive him of the pleasure of taunting you. It will also make it easier for you to counter such a deadly opponent. By remaining in a calm state, you will give yourself the best chance of staying cool under pressure, which will definitely bear fruit.

Communicate with your team.

Secondly, you need to communicate with the rest of your team as these high-level players can only be defeated through well-coordinated teamwork. You must protect each other and constantly share information about the smurf’s location to either avoid him or try to crush him by working together as a team.

Try to find a weak spot.

Finally, since smurfs’ skills are usually far superior to your own, they will often forget to use the game’s main weapon: the head. And this is their biggest mistake. As soon as you recognize a smurf, your job is to observe his behavior in the game and try to find a weak spot, just like a hunter tracking his prey. For example, if he takes the same route every round, you should strengthen your positions in that area or seize the initiative by occupying a location that will surprise him.

Remember, your head is your main weapon, so be cunning, work as a team, and don’t lose your composure. While these tips won’t guarantee you a victory, you will have a fighting chance of winning this kind of match. Moreover, it will help to reduce smurf problem in Valorant.

To end off, a few words about Valorant.

The game’s ranking system tracks individual player’s performances and quickly boosts them to higher ranks if they’re having an irregular impact in a game, which is why there isn’t a big smurf problem in Valorant. Yes, there will be times when you come up against a smurf, but this is the same for all games.

Regardless of the outcome of the match, don’t forget to report the person. In this way, you can improve the community and help the developers improve the gameplay experience, and reduce smurf problem in Valorant by fighting against such players.

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