The First Strike Valorant tournament: Europe A/B Playoffs results and statistics

The playoffs of the qualification for the First Strike tournament in Europe ended yesterday. 32 have progressed to the playoffs, which played 4 tickets to the final of the First Strike tournament, which will be held on December 4-7. The tournament was played in a BO-1 format, only in the final was BO-3 format. 

The top four teams will automatically advance to the First Strike Main Event:

  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid 
  • FunPlus

So, here’s a brief review of the event to bring you up to date.

In total, 32 maps were played in the First Strike playoffs: 

Valorant First Strike Maps, Agents Stats

Breakdown of maps played:

674 rounds were played:

  • 322 rounds (48%) were won by the attack
  • 352 rounds (52%) were won by the defense

From these stats, we can see that the defenders had the advantage again.


  • Total rounds played 227
  • Attack win rate 47% (106)
  • Defense win rate 53% (121)


  • Total rounds played 115
  • Attack win rate 43% (53)
  • Defense win rate 57% (62)


  • Total rounds played 129
  • Attack win rate 55% (71)
  • Defense win rate 45% (58)


  • Total rounds played 203
  • Attack win rate 45% (92)
  • Defense win rate 55% (111)

As in our last article about the Shooting Stars tournament, we see that attackers only had the advantage on one map: Split. Bind again became the most defensive map. 

Omen was the most picked agent in the tournament again. Absolutely all agents were picked, including Viper, who was taken by ANGEL in the final match against the Opportunists. 

The most picked agents on each map based on the tournament results were as follows:

Similarly as in the Shooting Stars tournament, no team picked Sova on Split. 

If you found this article useful, please leave a comment and let us know if you’d like us to similarly review all the future Valorant tournaments.

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Andrii Kosar Ноя 16, 2020

Be statics in other region (First strike)?

JAMFM Ноя 17, 2020

Sure. The tournament has just begun