The Shooting Stars Valorant tournament results and statistics

The Shooting Stars Valorant tournament took place last week from 18 to 19 October. 16 teams participated in the event, including 14 French and 2 European cross-national teams. The tournament was played in a playoff format with the first 2 rounds BO1, and the semis and finals up to 2 wins BO3. Opportunists were the Shooting Stars Valorant tournament winners and took home the €5,000 championship prize.

So, here’s a brief review of the event to bring you up to date.

In total, 22 maps were played in the Shooting Stars Valorant tournament:

Breakdown of maps played:

427 rounds were played:

  • 201 rounds (47%) were won by the attack
  • 226 rounds (53%) were won by the defense

From these stats, we can see that the defenders had the advantage in the Shooting Stars Valorant tournament.


  • Total rounds played 152
  • Attack win rate 49% (75)
  • Defense win rate 51% (77)


  • Total rounds played 145
  • Attack win rate 41% (60)
  • Defense win rate 59% (85)


  • Total rounds played 77
  • Attack win rate 52% (40)
  • Defense win rate 48% (37)


  • Total rounds played 53
  • Attack win rate 49% (26)
  • Defense win rate 51% (27)

The attackers only had the advantage on one map: Split. Defenders had the edge on all the other maps, especially Bind, with a win rate of 59% (85).

Omen was the most picked agent in the tournament. The only time Team Yendez didn’t pick Omen was on the Bind map when they went with Brimstone instead. However, the experiment was unsuccessful as Yendez lost (5-13). No team picked Viper during this tournament, not even once. Currently, Riot Games seem unable to enhance Viper to a level that teams start picking her on the pro scene.

The most picked agents on each map based on the tournament results were as follows:

It’s noteworthy that no team picked Sova, although this agent was picked by other teams in all matches.

If you found this article useful, please leave a comment and let us know if you’d like us to similarly review all the future Valorant tournaments.

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Douglas Ноя 7, 2020

GL All for the Giveaway !!!!

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I’m excited to see the next round for first strike

TopRadiant Ноя 2, 2020

The second part of Valorant First Strike done. 😎 Let’s check! ➡

Bryant Gotham Ноя 1, 2020

Gl to everyone on the giveaway. My favorite map is Ascent and my least favorite is Split.

Aryan J Ноя 1, 2020

GL for giveaway

Fernando Portillo Ноя 1, 2020

Because sova is bad but anyways im here from the giveaway but I’ll probably read more articles not gonna lie.