6 tips for anyone starting out with Valorant

If you’re a newbie to this style of first-person shooter, we have some Valorant tips to help get you started.

Valorant has gunplay like Counter-Strike, but with characters and abilities akin to Overwatch or any other hero shooter, which makes for a style of game not seen before. It is highly strategic, consisting of two teams of five, and the objective of the game is to plant the spike or defend it. There are also competitive modes, which add to the fun by allowing you to climb the ranks.

Tip 1. Use the practice mode to test out weapons and abilities before you play

Valorant tips

Valorant’s practice mode is a great way to work on your aim and reflexes, and as luck would have it, it’s dead easy to use. The Valorant Practice Range is accessed through the game’s Practice Mode menu. In the top-right corner of the main menu, select Practice to choose one of four different training modes. The Open Range and Shooting Test options both serve as a practice range to hone your aim and reflexes. The Practice Range in Valorant is only a single click away from the main menu. If you’re new to FPS games or simply want to get a feel for the gunplay, Open Range or Shooting Test can help you. Alternatively, Spike Planting or Spike Defuse will help get you ready to jump into matches.

Tip 2. Walk, don’t run

Remember that running around the map creates a loud sound, so your opponents will be prepared for your arrival. When moving around, it is advisable to walk (Left Shift key by default) to reduce the noise.

You should stand still when you shoot for improved accuracy. Valorant inherits its shooting mechanics from Counter-Strike, which means, barring a few exceptions, you shouldn’t shoot while moving. Most guns are accurate when you’re standing still, and highly inaccurate when you’re moving. While many guns give you the option of aiming down sights, you don’t have to use them to land your shots. Firing from the hip is usually your best option, except over long distances.

Tip 3. ALWAYS keep your crosshair at head height

If you need to stand still and shoot, holding angles is important. Tap your guns and only spray 4-5 bullets until you learn the spray patterns. Take full advantage of the practice range and only shoot bots until you get the hang of it. Crosshair positioning and holding angles are extremely important in the live game.

Each gun also has a unique recoil pattern. Head to the firing range and hold down the trigger on a full-auto weapon, and you’ll see shots go up and then start weaving from side to side. You’ll need to lower your aim to stay on the target, but typically bursts of gunfire are far more effective than spraying. Over time, you’ll want to learn the recoil patterns for key weapons like the Phantom and Vandal.

Tip 4. KNOW when to SAVE your creds

Keep an eye on your economy so you don’t run out of money.

When you’re new to Valorant, it can be tempting to buy weapons and abilities before every round, spending any Creds you have. But you shouldn’t do that. Instead, you should save your Creds for better buys and to sync with your team. For example: You probably can’t win a round if you’re the only one on your team who bought a gun and everyone else is stuck with the basic gun. But if you save for a round or two and let your teammates get some Creds as well, then the five of you with guns and armor have a better chance of winning that round – and carrying that gear forward.

The more kills you get, bombs you plant/defuse, and rounds you win, the more money you get. But if it’s a very back-and-forth game, not spending all your money for an economical “eco round” is important and can help you later on.

Tip: At the end of the round, search the ground for more expensive guns than yours to save money.

Tip: At the end of the round, search the ground for more expensive guns than yours to save money.

Tip 5. Buy ARMOR

Armor increases your effective health, which means it also increases your chances of victory. Armor should always be part of your Full Buy Rounds, and you should prioritize it over the best weapons if you can’t afford both. There are two types of armor: one that costs 400 Creds and gives you 25 extra health, and one that costs 1,000 Creds and gives you 50 extra health. Both types of armor absorb 70% of the damage taken.

Tip 6. Play as a team and communicate more

It sounds very predictable, just like water being wet is a fact. Yet many players game as though they don’t have a team. But it is important to understand that you won’t be able to win the whole game on your own without team play. A team that collaborates and works closely together can carry out complex actions and has a better chance of winning.

Tip 7. Prepare to lose

You will not win every game of Valorant. Just accept your defeat, and that’s it. Sometimes you’ll have a couple of naff teammates. And sometimes the other team will just be better. But don’t get too disheartened when you lose and you’ll have a much better time.

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A D Сен 28, 2020

Practice mode is MUST have!