Tips to escape elo hell in Valorant and climb faster

Recently, once again, the Valorant Subreddit has been the venue for a debate on Valorant’s Ranking System and “Elo Hell” in Valorant. Players might’ve come across this term more frequently than they might remember but what exactly does it mean?

What’s Elo Hell?

Elo Hell It applies to areas of the ranking scale of matchmaking where individual matches are of low quality and are often decided by variables such as poor team chemistry that are considered to be beyond the grasp of an individual. Owing to the challenge of playing games under these conditions makes it impossible for players to «climb» up the matchmaking ranks.

Elo Hell in Valorant

An elo hell in Valorant wasn’t vividly spoken about it in the past, but this Reddit post has sparked several people to relate their stories. The Reddit post goes through some profound explanations about Elo Hell in Valorant. The user posted screenshots from a game, showing how the rankings have changed between matches. The Valorant player was driven up by a victory, but a single defeat with same individual statistics reset the player to their starting Elo.

This dynamic is forcing players to be trapped at lower Elo levels as they are punished more for losses than being rewarded for wins.

Why would Riot initiate such a system?

The Reddit user goes on to claim that Riot does this to keep individuals playing Valorant, pushing them to complete more matches so that they can clock in more time to the game, and pressurize them in trying to get out even more. 

On the contrary, it has caused frustration and video game rage, leading to «toxic» behavior amongst players who are angry at their teammates for sabotaging their Elo rating. So, players are waiting for changes in the Valorant ranked system, and they hope that demotion becomes less likely with these updates.

Can you skip ranks in Valorant?

Yes, you can skip tiers and even divisions if you build up enough matchmaking rating. Personal performance and frags are also taken into consideration. If you go on a large win streak and consistently earn MVPs, your chances of skipping ranks will be higher.

Tips to escape elo hell:

To beat this trend, players need to secure Valorant games consistently and significantly improve their performance. Since winning and losing close games appears to trigger no kind of upward progress, it is essential to work on your game so that the algorithm has no chance to trap you in the Elo Hell. Don’t forget to check out our article on how to rank faster in Valorant to improve your in-game performance, and earning those victories.

How To Rank Up Fast In Valorant: Best 10 Tips To Climb each rank

This isn’t the first time that flaws in Valorant’s ranked system have been called to light by the community. Valorant’s dynamic matchmaking scheme has had its fair share of ups and downs.

However, Riot’s community support is extremely responsive and its developers consider each flaw and figure out a solution as soon as possible. 

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