Valorant Aim Training Guide | Improve your aim in just 15 minutes!

❓How can I play better in Valorant?

Many people ask the question: how do I practice my aim to play better? In this guide, I will tell you about one of the ways to practice your shooting. For this type of shooting training, you only need to devote an hour per day, and if you do, you’ll start to see progress in just one month. My advice to you is to go through this practice routine after you’ve played all your ranked games for the day or before you go to bed.

Valorant Aim Training Step By Step

Stage 1: Spin 180

How do pros turn 180 so fast? They always train a lot. You need to train too. For the first training stage, take up a position where you are surrounded by bots. Next, move between them and kill the bot ahead of you, then turn 180° and kill another bot. Repeat this routine for 10 minutes at different speeds. Most importantly, don’t just move your mouse, but flick aggressively and try to score kills as quickly as possible. Example:

Valorant 180° turn and kill

Stage 2: Run Stop Flick

In the second stage, run around the shooting range → stop → execute flick → shoot. Also repeat this routine for 10 minutes. Do it in both directions. Example:

Valorant aim training: Run Stop Flick

Stage 3: Spray Transfer

Spraying is a very difficult but important part of shooting that must also be practiced. You start by targeting one robot → transfer to another without releasing the left mouse button. It looks like this:

Valorant aim training: Spray Transfer

We’ll split this stage into 4 levels.

  • Level 1 — 2 bots (easy)
  • level 2 — 3 bots (normal)
  • level 3 — 4 bots (hard)
  • level 4 — 5 bots (godmode)

If you can transfer to more than 5 bots with one clip — why are you reading this article? Do this routine for 10 minutes.

Stage 4: Deathmatch

For the remaining 30 minutes, just play deathmatch, which will cement the previous stages in your muscle memory.

If you do this Valorant aim training for a month, you will be able to play five times better, even if you have the rank of Iron 1. By using this training routine, my eSports friends and I reached the Radiant rank. Train, win.

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