Ares vs Spectre — Which one is better in Valorant and why?

Players are often faced with the choice of which weapon to buy if they don’t have enough money for a Phantom or Vandal. So, is it better to buy the Ares vs Spectre? Both these weapons are mid-range guns that are quite cheap and not bad if you handle them correctly. In this article, you will learn which of these two weapons Ares vs Spectre is better, and in which situations you should buy one or the other.

Your choice of weapons in Riot Games’s shooter largely determines the gameplay strategy you will use.

In the buy rounds, we are accustomed to seeing a very limited selection of weapons. Basically, players’ choices alternate between the Vandal, Phantom, and Operator, and which one they decide to go for depends on their personal preferences and approaches to the game.

However, in economic rounds, almost the entire range of weapons is available for less than 2,000 credits. There is no such clear dominance of any particular weapon here, as they can all be utilized very effectively for minimal credits.

Ares vs Spectre


Submachine Gun

1,600 Creds


30 in Clip

90 in Stock

The Spectre is probably the most common choice for an automatic weapon with an affordable price tag (under 2,000 credits). It has a high fire rate, fairly controllable spray for a submachine gun, and deals enough damage to repel an opponent’s attack, especially at close and medium ranges. The Spectre’s spray sets it apart from other eco-weapons because its competitors (Frenzy, Ares, and Stinger) are much more difficult to control due to their high recoil and wider bullet spread.

The Spectre is a very versatile weapon that’s suitable for both deep and close contact defense of bombsites, as well as mid-range combat, when you get close to your opponents during a push. The Specter’s only problem, besides not being able to penetrate walls, is its limited effectiveness in long-range gunfights.



1600 Creds


50 in Clip

100 in Stock

The Ares is almost the complete opposite of the Spectre. Despite costing the same, they impose fundamentally different styles of play on the person using them. The Ares has the second largest magazine in the game, second only to the Odin. For its price, it deals very high damage for a single hit and, most importantly, can penetrate almost any wall or obstacle.

Furthermore, the Ares has decent long-range shooting potential because its spread isn’t too wide, and it doesn’t lose as much damage from a distance as the Spectre does.

The Ares’s biggest problem is probably its recoil, which is very hard to control. Its recoil, low fire rate, and the inability to kill an opponent with a one-shot headshot make the Ares a very situational weapon (as opposed to the Spectre’s versatility), which is quite rare in high-rank matchmaking and on the professional scene.

Thus, the Spectre is currently the most effective and inexpensive eco-weapon in Valorant.

It can be used both in attack and defense at medium and short ranges, thanks to its more controllable recoil and high fire rate.

In turn, the Ares is mostly bought by players who plan to shoot through walls on specific maps and from a certain number of positions.

If you want to feel more confident at longer distances, you can use the Ares, but usually for this purpose, players choose the cheaper Sheriff or Marshall that can kill an enemy with a single headshot.

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